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 Scramble Format - Format of Play Information

A scramble means that all team members play from approximately the same position on each shot, with the exception of the tee shot. 


Using a tee, ball marker or other item please mark the chosen position.
 All team members may position a ball within One Club Length of the chosen position except when the chosen ball is on the putting green.  

When the chosen ball is on the Putting Green, each ball to be putted must be positioned no further away from it’s chosen position than a Scorecard Length.  

In all cases the ball shall not be placed closer to the hole and it must stay in the same condition. (Example: Ball in Rough, stays in Rough, Ball in Bunker stays in Bunker, Etc.)


Will be available for review or acceptance of Scorecards through the 45th minute after the first completed scorecard (either Electronic or Paper) is received when all scores entered will be deemed certified and awards announced.

These Rules Will be Listed on the Back of Your Scorecard

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