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Cristina Hidalgo
PJ Boatwright Intern


Cristina Hidalgo is an individual whose passion for golf has shaped her personal life and professional journey. Currently pursuing her Master's Degree, Cristina is also a Graduate Assistant Golf Coach for Women's and Men's Golf Teams at the University of Rio Grande.

Cristina has been passionate about golf since she was eight years old. She has worked on improving her skills on and off the golf course by volunteering for various golf organizations, including the PGA Tour, PGA Latinoamérica, and the USGA, by helping with Shotlink, tournament operations, walking scores, and broadcasting for NBC. Having lived in four countries—Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United States—Cristina brings an international perspective to her role.

Before her current position, Cristina served as a PGA WORKS Fellow for the Southern Ohio PGA, where she gained valuable experience in the golf industry. As she begins her journey as a P.J. Boatwright Intern, Cristina is excited to continue growing and learning in the sport she loves. 

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