Chris Geise Wins Metro Contest
Our winner of the 2013 Metropolitan Contest was Chris Geise.  His total score of 75 will earn him six dozen personalized Titleist ProV1s.  Chris’s picks were Michael Bernard, 2nd place, Bob Jones, 32nd place, Brian Hodgson, 12th place, Dan DeVore, 16th place, Ben Hogenkamp, 4th place, and of course, his son, Sam Geise, 9th place.

Not too far behind Chris were many other familiar names.  Zach Yinger, who competed in the event, finished second, just two points behind Chris.  Jeff Scohy, who won the contest last year, finished 9th this year.  Larry Litscher, one of our starters for the event, finished 11th.

Chris wasn’t far from the perfect score of 44.  These six selections would have been Nick Scott, 1st, Mark Monfort, 12th, Pete Betzold, 4th, Sam Geise, 9th, Dan DeVore, 16th, and Craig Harden, 2nd.  Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries, and congratulations to Chris on winning six dozen ProV1s.

Click on the following link to see all of the Results for the Metropolitan Contest.

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