Day 5 Mentors Matter June 26, 2007

Day 5 of the Mentors Matter program began with the kids out on the golf course. After all their hard work putting and chipping the kids were ready to head out to The Kitty Par 3 Course at Kittyhawk Golf Center. The kids finally got to experience a little of what golf is really about. They really enjoyed the chance to hit full shots and putt on a real green. The kids did very well for basically the first time on a real course. During lunch, they listened about Scott McGohan's leadership philosophy and about his personal values. Eventually they were asked to share their own values and were rewarded for speaking up with a few different leadership books. The kids seemed to get a lot of educational information from Scott's speech. After lunch the kids went out to the range for some golf instruction and were able to hit balls under the personal supervision of the mentors. Overall the kids seem to be very excited are ready for tomorrow!

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