Kids Learn to Avoid Pit of Attitude


            Another perfect day of weather awaited the kids as they showed up at Rollandia yesterday.  The focus of yesterday’s practice session was the iron game.  Most of the kids are starting to show a lot of improvement!

            After pizza, Frank Crockett was our presenter.  Frank takes an interactive approach when trying to get a message across to the kids.  First, he asked the kids what some of their goals were in life.  Many of the answers included respect, success, education, and a strong family.  Next, Frank asked them what could deter them from attaining these goals.  Some of the answers included drugs, laziness, and bad attitude.  Attitude was the particular answer Frank was looking for in order to complete the next drill. 

The kids and mentors were split up into groups of eight.  The goal was to get from an area of nothingness to an area of success without falling into the pit of attitude.  The catch was someone had to ride a giant A made out of wood while being pulled along by strings.  Although complicated, each group was able to work together and walk the giant A across the range to the area of success!


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