The Junior Metropolitan is Complete After a Long Day of Golf for Many Players!

After play for the day was suspended late Tuesday afternoon because of the severe thunderstorms, many participants in the MVGA's Junior Metropolitan faced as many as 31 holes of golf when play resumed at 8:18 AM Wednesday morning.  Luckily, Mother Nature cooperated and provided the young golfers with a perfect day to complete their rounds.  The good golf was highlighted by thirteen year old Michael Bernard who fired a stirling 66-65-131 to win the Boys 12-13 Age Division, and Laura Murray who won the Girls 14-15 Age Division by shooting 78-72-150.  The complete results are listed below.
We would like to thank the Windy Knoll Golf Club, its head professional, Jim Neff, and his staff, Sue Avery and her staff in The Stables, and golf course superintendent, Gary Price and his crew, for their hospitality and great efforts that helped make our tournament as success.  Kudos go out to Gary's maintenance crew who went above and beyond getting the course ready for play on Wednesday morning.

Day 1 Photos

Day 2 Photos

2007 MVGA Junior Metropolitan

Boys 12-13

66-65--131--Michael Bernard; 74-73--147--Clark Engle; 72-82--154--Alec Tahy; 82-81--163--Mitchell Young; 84-83--167--Austin Sipe; 84-86--170--Caleb Wolters; 86-87--173--Eric Thompson; 88-86--174--Sam Geise; 95-95--190--Stefan Schuetz

Boys 14-15

74-74--148--Nicolas Scott; 74-76--150--Zach Yinger; 76-75--151--Ronnie Stump; 75-81--156--Andy Henehan; 81-76--157--Michael Gearhardt Jr; 79-87--166--Patrick Meeks; 88-89--177--Jake North; 93-90--183--Kyle Bramman; 88-95--183--Scott Rogers; 93-92--185--Brandon Stein; 92-94--186--Adam Thompson; 107-111--218--Travis Venanzi; 115-104--219--Alex Yantis; 81-DQ--DQ--Jon Neroni; 129-DQ--DQ--Cody Collins

Boys 16-18

76-75--151--Erik Bramman; 79-73--152--Mac Fiely; 75-78--153--Andy Ungerman; 76-78--154--Bobby Hause; 80-75--155--Christopher Hahn; 83-72--155--Scott Thompson; 80-76--156--Russell Woelfel; 78-79--157--Christopher Woeste; 79-78--157--Rob Lane; 73-85--158--Jace Striplin; 80-78--158--Kyle Gillen; 80-78--158--Spencer Smith; 79-81--160--Sean Pierce; 83-77--160--Wes Wirrig; 77-84--161--James Boxley; 82-79--161--Mike Griffin; 78-83--161--Ross Kramer; 81-82--163--Darin Wilson; 77-86--163--Matt Scharrer; 83-81--164--Ryan Dooley; 82-85--167--Kevin Hemmelgarn; 77-90--167--Ryan Gillen; 89-80--169--Brody Fox; 82-89--171--Christopher Sloan; 89-84--173--James Metter; 88-87--175--Logan Wright; 87-91--178--Michael Cata; 92-86--178--Nic Ahlers; 95-86--181--Kyle Shimmin; 98-85--183--Lance Berner; 94-90--184--Ben Gover; 94-104--198--Kiel Feeser; 105-120--225--Michael Leonardi

Girls 12-13

92-97--189--Meghan Schuetz; 93-104--197--Gabrielle Marcum; 117-114--231--Katelin Sloan; 131-117--248--Kaitlyn Graham; 114-NC--NC--Christine Hoy


Girls 14-15

78-72--150--Laura Murray; 98-89--187--Megan Swan; 105-103--208--Micaela Cronin

Girls 16-18

76-77--153--Molly Ginger; 89-88--177--Kristen Waryck; 93-91--184--Kristen Reed; 98-87--185--Catherine Reed; 96-99--195--Ashley Johnson; 101-95--196--Caitlin Benner; 106-101--207--Claire Chadwick  

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