Final Scores from the 2007 US Amatuer Public Links Sectional Qualifying

Reid Park Golf Course

Monday, June 18, 2007

Action Photo's

Course Stats

Danny Sorgini, Pickerington, OH 70-71--141
Tyler Tarney, Galena, OH 76-71--147


Zach Sebert, Grove City, OH 77-71--148
Ryan Stocke, Elida, OH 72-76--148

Rest of Field

Jamie Miller, Silver Creek, NY 75-74--149
Adam Arnett, Lancaster, OH 76-74--150
Bleu George, Lancaster, OH 73-78--151
Bryan Jackson, Delaware, OH 77-74--151
Chip Knuckey, Springfield, OH 72-79--151
Mitch Levengood, New Philadelphia, OH 75-77--152
Tyler Duncan, Columbus, IN 79-74--153
Ryan McGraw, Elida, OH 77-77--154
Anthony Burbridge, Columbus, OH 78-77--155
Dan Atkeson, Galena, OH 76-79--155
John Fryman, Lewis Center, OH 80-75--155
Gordon Willins, West Chester, OH 78-78--156
Luke Egger, Jacksontown, OH 77-79--156
Anthony Savage, Mount Vernon, OH 79-78--157
Buck Whitely, Franklin Furnace, OH 75-82--157
Jeff Farris, Tremont City, OH 80-77--157
Matt Bessler, Cincinnati, OH 81-76--157
Nick Trego, Columbus, OH 80-77--157
Eric Zahn, Liberty Township, OH 80-78--158
Josh Anderson, Sunbury, OH 83-75--158
Jeffrey H Nelson, Columbus, OH 79-80--159
Adam Miller, Xenia, OH 75-85--160
Sam Schwartzmiller, Zanesville, OH 77-83--160
Kirk Stucke, Maria Stein, OH 82-79--161
Nicholas Chabot, Portsmouth, OH 77-84--161
Randy Rudzinski, Columbus, IN 81-82--163
Kevin Trempe, Springfield, OH 84-80--164
Matt Straver, Bellefontaine, OH 81-83--164
Jason Juric, Springfield, OH 81-84--165
Jeffrey Maier, Columbus, OH 79-86--165
Nathaniel Fridley, Sidney, OH 78-87--165
Nick Helser, Lancaster, OH 82-83--165
Rory Hotaling, Yellow Springs, OH 81-84--165
Stuart Helser, Lancaster, OH 86-80--166
Trevor Bowman, Harpster, OH 77-89--166
Jared Allman, Piketon, OH 91-79--170
Jesse Chiero, Westerville, OH 84-86--170
Patrick Webster, Lyndhurst, OH 87-83--170
John Hilditch, Hilliard, OH 89-83--172
Trevor Krogman, Rockford, OH 86-86--172
Peter Yakimovich, Lewis Center, OH 90-85--175
Jesse Winters, Dublin, OH 92-86--178
Rick Whitely Sr, Franklin Furnace, OH 88-90--178
Michael Anderson, Xenia, OH 91-90--181
Ron Alvey, Lebanon, OH 94-90--184
Jake Mathews, Galena, OH 89-96--185

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