Dennis Walters: Life lessons and lots of tricks
Trick shots and dog tricks were on display Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 at Kitty Hawk Golf Center. Dennis Walters, a man who became paralyzed from the waist down after being in a golf cart accident in 1974 came to Dayton with his smart and adorable K9 friend, Bucky. Together they put on his famous Dennis Walters Golf Show to many First Tee children in the area. Dennis represents The First Tee on his national tour.  Not only does he teach golf tricks, but also life lessons. 
Walters, a 2008 recipient of the PGA Distinguished Service Award encourages his audience to never give up on their dreams. Walters had a dream of being on the PGA tour, but after his accident that dream became impossible so he changed his dream and became a golfer in a different capacity. With some help of a golf cart and a swivel chair, Walters made that dream come true. Of the nine core values that The First Tee teaches, perseverance is Dennis’ favorite. He advises his viewers to persevere and do something that seems impossible, strive for excellence, and work hard to make your dreams happen.
Along with his words of wisdom, Walters put on quite a show with a wide variety of tricks. The tricks ranged from Bucky putting a ball on a tee to hitting a ball with a 1000 cc driver. Some other clubs that were used included the bone club, driver phone and a driver that had a radiator hose as a shaft. All of the tricks were exciting and impressive and pictures from the event can be found online. The message was clear and the tricks were impressive: don’t ever give up on your dreams, golf is for a lifetime and “golf can be a lot fun."


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