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The 2011 Two Man Metropolitan is this upcoming Monday and to help you prepare for this 1pm Shotgun we have enclosed some information for your review.  If you have any issues or comments please send us an email at or call us at 937-294-6842

Best of Luck!
Schedule for the Day
Range & lunch (included with entry) at 11:30pm
Shotgun start @ 1pm
Scoring and cash bar after play
Format of Play
2 Person Better Ball. Net, Gross & Senior Divisions. Each team must ensure the score used is individually identifiable.
Team Handicap for Net Divisions
In the handicap divisions, partners' handicap indexes will not vary more than 8.0 handicap index strokes on the handicap revision on September 15, 2011.
Optional Skins Game
An optional $20.00 team score skins game, divided by the division of play, will be available.
Starting Assignments
1 -- Rick Pummill,  Rob Suttman,  Norm Roush, Ed Frye
2 -- Tom Mann,  Ed Dierker,  John Alley, Tracy Alley
3 -- Gary Miller,  John Hubner,  Tom Jacobs, Peter Selten
4 -- Mike Butsch,  Dave Barnhart,  David Vanatta, Ron Rehling
5 -- Walter Crume,  Gary Woods,  Ron Conard, Bob Horner
6 -- Michael Dadaian,  Darma Adiapen,  Lloyd Bowman, John Ramby
7 -- Dan Sutherly,  Michael Elleman,  Tim Smiley, Dan Price
8 -- Carl Whitener,  Mike Webster,  Larry Couchot, James Kerg
9 -- Jim Knight,  Doug Macpherson,  Harry Williamson, Don Cundiff
10 -- Jeff Bollinger,  Bob Fuller,  Oscar Burgess, Don Snyder
11 -- Bob Eardley,  Jerry Orum,  Ron Dement, Roger Johnson
12 -- Gary Huls,  Jerry Zwiesler,  Larry Duggins, Tim Hyatt
13 -- Andy Arp,  Doug Eakin,  Dave Larger, Randy Eisenzimmer
14 -- Jim Burt,  Tom Christy,  Ron Cloyd, Juan Muzquiz
15 -- Brian Hodgson,  Mike Baughn,  John Sherman, Bob Jones
16 -- Jeff Scohy,  Pete Samborsky,  Billy Sutterlin, Chris Cadwallader
In case of delays or issues, an email will be sent to those we have on file. 
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Meadowbrook Country Club
6001 Salem Avenue
Clayton, Ohio 45315
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(937) 294-6842
263 Regency Ridge Dr.
Dayton, OH 45459
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