Dear Contestant,
The 2007 Metropolitan begins next Thursday, July 26.  To help you prepare we have included some information along with your first round grouping and starting time.  Should you have any questions or issues please contact me at or call my cell at 609-3387.  Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you next Thursday.
Starting Times will begin each day at 7:30am.  Second through Fourth Round Groupings will be based on score with the highest scores going out first.  The Low 32 Scores and ties will qualify for weekend play.
First Round Groupings

7:30 - Tony Klaber, Lucas Allen, Dave Novotny

7:39 - Parker Mays, Ray Hill, Mike Wardley

7:48 - Scott Hadder, Jeff Poettinger, Scott Hoover

7:57 - Michael Tipton, Tom Christy, Jonathan P Wanders

8:06 - Jordan Higgins, Justin Bogard, Jeff Neeley

8:15 - Ronald Dement, Jim Jr Kerg, Kyle David Martin

8:24 - Larry Couchot, Gabe Knight, Jordan Benner

8:33 - Craig Hall, Kevin Trempe, Bill Graham

8:42 - Emery Shumaker, Roderick John Gray, Mike Walpole

8:51 - Dave Larger, Derek Hrabik, Mark Monfort

9:00 - Sam Williams, Sam Jandel, Keith Mcgillvary

9:09 - Steve Hannaford, Dale Christopher, Emma Jandel

9:18 - Kyle Debord, Jamie Terrell, Michael Leach

9:27 - Darin Wilson, Ryan Gillen, Glenn Spencer

9:36 - Andy Lehman, Joe Goodall, Robert Arledge

9:45 - Ron Carmack, Chris Brandt, Juan Muzquiz

9:54 - Gordon Willins, Kevin Keck, John Harm

10:03 - Patrick Webster, Chris Hahn, Craig Baldwin

10:12 - Steve Carpenter, James Barker, John Skotko

10:21 - Brian Arnold, Matt Smith, Kevin Flynn

10:30 - Tom Walz, Mr. tom Martin, Cliff Singleton

10:39 - Gary Huls, Jerry Orum, Doug Hawthorne

10:48 - Jeff Scohy, Michael Walker, Billy Sutterlin

10:57 - Bob Eardley, Matt Ehlinger, Doug Gage

11:06 - Peter Samborsky, Bob Jones, Mike Suttman


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