First Round Starting Times

Thursday, September 13th

8:00 - Harry Leedom, Doug Hufnagle, Ron Jackson

8:10 - John Pozenel, Bob Schneider, Mike O'Bryan

8:20 - John Skotko, Jessie Norris, Richard Wisecup

8:30 - Jim True, Danny Artz, Charles Wimmers

8:40 - Nat Vivians, Orv Larison, George Menker

8:50 - Bob Plunkett, Lloyd Shoemaker, Dave Vanatta

9:00 - Mike Gentile, Martin Harm, Don Snyder

9:10 - William Smith, Bob Cummings, Jim Mckenzie

9:20 - Harry Murray, Jim McCartney, Chuck Cramer

9:30 - Oscar Burgess, Bruce Gasaway, Ron Dement

9:40 - Dan Pelphrey, Cliff Singleton, Rick Bachman

9:50 - Jeff Jena, Kevin Eversole, Doug Hawthorne

10:00 - Tom Walz, Mike Gomia, Ed Frye

10:10 - John Harm, Jerry Orum, Mike Davisson

10:20 - Tom Keltner, Jim Sass, Jess Bowling

10:30 - Mark Haberstroh, Don Kringen, Bob Johnston

10:40 - Jim Hess, Paul Dudding, Thomas Grove

10:50 - Joe Goodall, Jim Snyder, Ken Nelms

11:00 - Dennis Reasoner, Norm Knowlton, Dave Barnhart

11:10 - Larry Duggins, Bill York, Jeff Serena

11:20 - Jerry Zwiesler, Mike Walpole, Juan Muzquiz

11:30 - Chuck Parsons, Dan Devore, Craig Fanning

11:40 - John Sherman, Gary Huls, Karl Heffner

11:50 - Skip Snow, Doug Gage, Bob Eardley


Draft Local Rules of Play

Standard Rules of Play

"Laser Measurement is Allowed"

Course Web Site

General Information

Course Tour

Course Set Up

Due to the fact that any player of any age can win the championship, we therefore set the course with that in mind.  The course will be set up at about 6400 yards

Second Round Groupings

Based on First Round Score with Highest Scores going out first.

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