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Last Amended March 25, 2015 
Article I - Name
The name of the corporation shall be the Dayton District Women’s Golf Association, Inc. (hereafter referred to as the DDWGA).
Article II - Purpose

1. To promote women’s golf and maintain high standards of sportsmanship through social interaction, competitive tournaments, and junior programs.
2. To establish scholarships for junior female golfers.
3. To provide uniformity in the rules of the game by creating a representative authority.
4. To cooperate with, and whenever possible, further the aims and goals of organizations or persons with similar objectives.
5. To adopt a Constitution and/or by-laws in conformity to the nonprofit corporation laws of Ohio, and to do all other acts necessary, proper and permissible under the laws of Ohio.
Article III - Area
The DDWGA encompasses any private or public golf course 30 miles south, east and west and 50 miles north of Dayton, Ohio (Third and Main Streets).
Article IV - Organization
The Executive Board – The Executive Board shall consist of the elected offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Club Representative at Large and shall have voting privileges at all board meetings.
The Board – The Board is responsible for running the organization in accordance with the By-laws of the Association and shall consist of members of the Executive Board and Board-Appointed committee chairs, and shall have voting privileges at Board meetings. Elected Ex Officio Member(s) shall be a member of the Board and serve with voting privileges.
The Representative Board – The Representative Board shall consist of the Vice-President, the Club Representative at Large and the Member Club Representatives.
All board members shall serve without compensation.
Article V - Membership Categories
Club – All courses located within the DDWGA area are eligible for membership.
Individual - Membership is open to any individual in the DDWGA area who is interested in women’s golf and the purpose of the DDWGA.
A. GHIN Member – Any female who maintains a handicap at a DDWGA member course.
B. Non-GHIN Member – Any female who maintains a handicap at a DDWGA member course, but is not a GHIN member, must pay an annual membership fee.
C. Supportive – A supportive member is any individual who chooses not to compete but wishes to support the activities of the DDWGA.
D. Junior – A junior member is any female golfer, age 25 and under, with an established USGA handicap and lives within the DDWGA membership area. Membership dues shall be waived for this category of membership. Junior members are eligible to play in DDWGA competitive events at reduced fees.
Article VI - Officer Duties
The Executive Board is responsible to the membership for carrying out the purpose and activities of the DDWGA. The Board may appoint special committees whenever they deem it necessary to fulfill their mission.
President – It shall be the duty of the President to preside at meetings, exercise general supervision over the activities and welfare of the association, to approve of any correspondences to be sent out to the general membership on the MVGA website and to enforce the Constitution and By-Laws.
Vice-President – In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall carry out the duties of that office and assume the presidency in the event the President’s office becomes vacant. She shall work closely with the Club Representative at Large and the Club Representatives and coordinate the By-laws Review Committee.
Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Association for all Board meetings and shall conduct correspondences regarding DDWGA business.
Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for the management of all DDWGA funds, including the following: collecting dues, making expenditures as voted upon by the Board, keeping accurate records of receipts and expenditures, presenting periodic reports to the Board and the membership, and completing appropriate financial reports for tax purposes.
Club Representative at Large – The Club Representative at Large works with the Vice-President and is the liaison between the Club Representatives and the Board. The Club Representative at Large must be an active Club Representative. She shall be responsible for arranging the annual Club Rep meeting at the beginning of the season, updating the Club Rep list, keeping Club Reps updated on open Board and Committee positions and on upcoming DDWGA events.
Ex Officio – Upon action by the Board, the immediate past president may be elected as an ex officio member of the Full Board to serve for a period of one year.
Board Appointed Committee Chair Duties:
Tournament Chair – The Tournament Chair shall be responsible for all DDWGA golf events. Her duties include overseeing the scheduling of tournaments, appointing tournament coordinators where needed, acting as final arbitrator of the rules of golf as they apply to DDWGA tournaments and maintaining a current inventory of the Association’s physical assets, which include tournament trophies.
Handicap & Course Rating Chair – The Handicap & Course Rating Chair shall insure the validity of handicaps of entrants to all DDWGA events. The Handicap & Course Rating Chair coordinates all MVGA conducted course ratings in accordance with United States Golf Association standards.  She shall establish a working committee to perform course ratings.  She is the liaison between the USGA and local clubs and works with the Miami Valley Golf Association, coordinating DDWGA women's ratings and MVGA men's ratings.  Additional responsibilities include keeping member clubs up to date on USGA handicap procedures, compiling a current list of handicap committees from member clubs and acting as a resource for questions regarding handicap issues.
Junior Golf Chair – The Junior Golf Chair heads the Scholarship Committee- and is responsible for all junior events, including tournaments and clinics.
Course Rating Chair – The Course Rating Chair coordinates all DDWGA conducted course ratings in accordance with United State Golf Association standards. She shall establish a working committee to perform course ratings. She is the liaison between the USGA and local clubs and works with the Miami Valley Golf Association, coordinating DDWGA women’s ratings and MVGA men’s ratings.
Standing Committees Duties:
Club Representatives – Club Representatives shall represent their clubmembership at all meetings and be responsible for communicating information to their members. When required, they will work with the Tournament and Handicap Chairs on DDWGA-sponsored events. They report directly to the Club Rep at Large. The term and duties of the representative shall be determined by the member club.
Audit Committee - All DDWGA financials are audited in conjunction with/through the Ohio Golf & Turf Trust. Should any individual wish full disclosure of these transactions, an audit committee consisting of three individuals may be appointed by the President from the general membership to review this audit.
Article VII - Term of Executive Board Members
Executive Board – The Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership for a term of one year. An Executive Board slate shall be presented by the Board to the general membership at the annual meeting.  At the annual meeting, nominations may be presented and seconded from the floor by any members in good standing. Terms shall begin immediately following the Annual Meeting. The Executive Board may review the performance of an Executive Board member at any time. Where the performance of the Executive Board member fails to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position as specified in the position description, the Executive Board may elect to relieve the member of the position. A majority of the Board will be required. The Executive Board may then appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy.
Article VIII - Amending By-Laws
The By-laws shall be reviewed annually. Changes in the By-laws may be proposed in writing to the Board. The By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the assembled general membership at the annual meeting. The membership shall be notified of any proposed changes in the By-laws 30 days prior to the annual meeting.
Article IX - Meetings
The President may call Executive Board meetings.
The Executive Board shall meet as soon as possible after the annual meeting and election of officers for the purpose of naming the Board-Appointed Committee Chairs for the coming year.
The Board of the DDWGA shall meet at least six times each calendar year.
Additional Board meetings may be called by the President when necessary. The annual general membership meeting shall be held after the end of the DDWGA tournament season and prior to the end of the first quarter of the following year for the purpose of conducting Association business.
All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
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