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The Twin Best Ball is this upcoming Monday, August 18th at Troy Country Club.   In this email is information that will help you to prepare for the days play.  If you have any issues please email me or call/text me at 937-609-3387. Look forward to seeing you on Monday....
Best of Luck !....Steve

Directions From Dayton:                             
   75 N to Exit 69
   Right on CR 25A (2 Miles)
   Left on Swailes Rd. (1 Mile)
   Right on Peters Rd. to Troy CC

Typically players go to the driving range prior to parking at the Clubs entrance.  To go to the range; continue heading on Swailes Rd. until you arrive at the driving range on your left.  Parking is available at this location.
The Days Schedule
7:30 AM
- Continental Breakfast 
                  Range Opens for Morning Participants
12:00 PM - Lunch
                    Range Opens for Afternoon Participants
                       *There will be hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar after play*        

Hole Assignments for the 8:30 AM Shotgun
1A - Jacque Howell, Bonnie Cummings, Grace Mays, Donna Warfield
1B - Judy Rice, Patricia Ann Grimes, Karen Myers, Angie Rice
2A - Mary Anne Parker, Evie Freimuth, Nancy Kussman, Marianne Patton
3A - Betsy Harris, Dana Cluxton, Sherry Hayes, Dianne Schneider
3B - Lois Caylor, Carol Degenhart, Sandra Fondersmith, Mary Hardin
4A - Cindy Thompson, Kay Lowe, Cheryl Singleton, Cindy Wood
5A - Betty Burnett, Renee Brewster, Peggy Price, Judy Webb
6A - Carol Stout, Candy Goodall, Gareth L Johnston, Dianne Legros
7A - Bette Fleck, Carol Carlson, Margene Howell, Judy Mayer
8A - Gail Moore, Dana Konicki, Kathy Kuzma, Linda Lowman
8B - Judy Bemus, Gail Brandewie, Gail Reardon, Jackie Rose
9A - Bonnie Perry, Tracy Haines, Millie Stammen, Marianna Wright
10A - Ann Burnett, Claire Cyr, Jean Engle, Leah Halfpap
10B - Cindy Weber, Juday Fender, Beverly Fletcher, Judy Hamer
11A - Kathy Zink, Judy Hemmert, Billie Patten, Marsha Simpson
12A - Beth Nealeigh, Joyce Hoover, Bev Moore, Karen Nealeigh
13A - Nancy Santoro, Shirley Hart, Holly Pendleton, Jerry Post
14A - Becky Parr, Teresa Kaiser, Barb Little, Michele Massa
15A - Debra Martin, Dee Dee Huffer, Boots Gottschlich, Marilyn Hart
16A - Kathy Wisecup, Barb Billings, Joanne Hoops, Millie Jenkins
17A - Cynthia Pratt, Marty Dale, Daryl Nels, Diana L Schwab
18A - Kathy Weis, Ginny Focke, Diane Hammer, Terry Meintel
Hole Assignments for the 2:00 PM Shotgun 

1A - Tina Roland, Debbie Frederick, Mary Greene, Gerry Miller
2A - Teresa Geary, Betty Couch, Cynthia Cummins, Jan Weadock
3A - Penny Bitzer, Cindy Burton, Laura Pannier, Susan Seitz
4A - Kathy Ingersoll, Molly Horstman, Tee Pazitney, Suzee Louis
5A - Barbara Graham, Pam Borders, Debbie E Eshelman, Shirley Nixon
6A - Sarah Cunningham, Annette Oakes, Barbara Poleskey, Barbara Price
7A - Melissa Pour, Cathy Bice, Deb Nelson, Carol Preston
8A - Sarah Hoschouer, Marlane Bengry, Donna Wiseman, Peg Wynkoop
9A - Kathy Duffy, Christine Mayer, Renee L Ryan, Mary Carpenter
10A - Cindy Byrd, Emily Bruns, Jane Petrack, Cindy Schaffer
11A - Martha Lampe, Robin Dunkle, Marcie Marcus, Maria Oria
17A - Joyce Brown, Diane Alexander, Linda Nervis, Beverly Smith
18A - Inez Nunley, Elaine Hagood, Barbara Jacobs, Betty Long

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