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Welcome to YOUR Dayton District Women’s Golf Association.  As we celebrate 15 years of service to women’s golf in the Miami Valley, we invite you to join us by attending our educational seminars, by competing in our tournaments, or by volunteering your time and experience to help us stage these events.  We are always looking for women who like to “give back” to the game we all love.  The DDWGA is an organization of volunteers who love golf and a good time and we thank those of you who have given us a little piece of yourselves to provide opportunities for all.  We hope everyone enjoys a fabulous 2007 golf season.

A few important points you may want to remember about your DDWGA include:

1.  We are the only women’s golf association in the state of Ohio that allows both public and private club players to compete in their tournaments.

2.  We are the only women’s golf association in the state of Ohio that allows women to compete in their tournaments without handicap restrictions.

3.  The average handicap of the women competing in our tournaments is 24.1.  That’s an average…not a high or a low.

4.  All of our tournaments are flighted, so there is no need to be afraid to play with us.  There is a place for everyone, so come join us!

Please check our web site often.  You will find the schedule of events and entry forms, results from past events, photos of our participants, and links to relevant content about golf.  Come and participate as a volunteer during our junior events.  There’s nothing more invigorating than watching the young girls get excited about golf.

Contact us and get involved.  We’re here for you!  Can you be here too?

Cathy Jefferson
President, DDWGA

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