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when should a score be posted

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Fair handicapping depends upon full and accurate information regarding a player's potential scoring ability as reflected by a complete scoring record

Every player must be responsible for returning all acceptable scores, as defined in this section. For handicap purposes, all Section
 4 adjustments, including Equitable Stroke Control, must be applied to all scores including tournament scores.

a. To Post
 a 9-hole score, the player must play 7 to 12 holes, and at least 7 holes must be played in accordance with the principle of the Rules of Golf.  To post an 18-hole score, the player must play at least 13 holes in accordance with the principles of the Rules of Golf. (See Decisions 5-1a/3 through 5-1a/5.) This includes scores from when you play preferred lies or winter rules.

b. Scores on All Courses Adjusted gross scores from all courses with a USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating made during an active season, both at home and away, must be posted by the player along with the appropriate USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating. (See Decision 5-1b/1.)

c. Scores in All Forms of Competition.  Scores in both match play and stroke play must be posted for handicap purposes. This includes scores made in match play, in multi-ball, or in team competitions in which players have not completed one or more holes or in which players are requested to pick up when out of contention on a hole. (See Decision 5-1c/1 and Section 4.)

d. Disqualification - A player who is disqualified from a competition, but has an acceptable score, must record an adjusted gross score for handicap purposes. For example, a player who is disqualified from a competition for failure to sign a scorecard has an acceptable score for handicap purposes.

e. Unacceptable Scores are Scores made under the following conditions and are not acceptable for handicap purposes and must not be entered in the player's scoring record:

(i) When fewer than seven holes are played;
(ii) When made on a golf course in an area in which an inactive season established by the authorized golf association is in effect; (Miami Valley is 4/1-10/31)
(iii) When the length of the course is less than 3,000 yards for 18 holes (or less than 1,500 yards for 9 holes);
(iv) When, as a condition of the competition, the maximum number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs;
(v) When scores are made on a course with no USGA Course Rating or Slope Rating;
(vi) When a player uses non-conforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or tees;(vii) With respect to Rule 14-3 (Rules of Golf), when an artificial device or piece of unusual equipment is used during the execution of a stroke or when equipment is used in an unusual manner during the execution of a stroke. (See Decision 5-1e/3.)
(vii) When playing alone.
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