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Information for the 2006 Twin Best Ball at Brown's Run Country Club

The 2006 Twin Best Ball is this coming Tuesday, September 5th.  To help you prepare for the day's events, we have enclosed this information for your review.  The forecast for the day calls for a high of 75 with a 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.  We will keep our website, updated if there are any issues.  Hopefully it will be a beautiful day.
Format of the Day's Play:  Four Person, Two (2) Best Balls of Four
Food and Beverage:  For the morning players a continental breakfast will be served beginning at 7:45 am.  Lunch for both shotguns will be served between 1:00 and 2:30 pm.  If you are playing in the afternoon, please try to eat during the first half of this time so that the morning players will be able to sit down immediately following their play.  For the afternoon players there will be hot hors d'oeuvres following the finish of golf (approximately 7:00 pm).  A membership meeting will take place at this time as well.  Ice tea and water will be available at the turn during the day and a COD bar will be set up at lunch and following the afternoon shotgun.  
Range:  The range will open at 8:00 am

Click here for the Local Rules Sheet

Directions to Brown's Run

9:00 AM Shotgun Tee Assignments

1A --     Janet Wilkins; Candy Goodall; Dianne LeGros; Carol Stout

1B --     Tina Roland; Wanda Knoth; Sandee Reinhard; Donna Stafford

2 --       Joyce Brown; Diana Alexander; Natasha Williams; Linda Nervis

3A --     Devon Daniel; Mary Gearhardt; Marilyn Hart; Debra Martin

3B --     Mickey Townsley; Carol Degenhart; Sandra Fondersmith; Mary Hardin

4 --        Bunny Proper; Virginia Catron; Janet Klotzback; Cindy Krahn

5 --        Iris Berry; Pat Bidwell; Betty Larison; Katie Pierson

6 --        Ann Mourouzis; Margene Howell; Lynn Madler; Mary Pierron

7 --        Bette Fleck; Carol Carlson; Judy Mayer; Lois Schiml

8A --     Judy Hamer; Chuzz Armpriester; Beverly Fletcher; Cindy Weber

8B --     Carol Bender; Joyce Audas; Chick Chasteen; Linda Moore

9 --        Karen Wyatt; Paula Anderson; Ginny Barber; Hoa Dupree

10A --   Sheila Fox; Dee Hoffman; Ann Jones; Connie Weaver

10B --   Kay Lowe; Cheryl Singleton; Cindy Thompson; Cindy Wood

11 --      Kathy Wisecup; Barb Billing; Millie Jenkins; Carolyn Vallieu

12 --      Joan Hall; Kay Leighty; Connie Lewis; Jackie Rose

13 --      Beverly Grove; Holly Pendleton; Jerry Post; Nancy Santoro

14 --      Lori Lenos; Sherry Breece; Carol Leahy; Cathy Rager

15 --      Brenda Holden; Margaret Rukavina; Lucia Shockley; Pattie Rand

16      Judy Bemus; Cheryl Everhart; Gail Brandewie; Gail Reardon

17A --   Ann Baines; Nancy Litle; Melinda Dickerson; Shirley Clark

17B --   Mary Jo Wiley; Bettie Jackson; Ethel Washington; Gwendalyn Morgan

18A --   Carolyn Davenport; Joyce Hoover; Karen Nealeigh; Bev Moore

18B --   Mary Manifold; Joanne Dormire; Diana Steinecker; Paula Kreusch

2:30 PM Shotgun Tee Assignments

1A --     Penny Bitzer; Cindy Burton; Betsy Reynolds; Susan Seitz

1B --     Teresa Geary; Betty Couch; Cynthia Cummins; Jan Weadock

2 --        Betty Burnett; Katie Ellis; Peggy Price; Judy Webb

3 --        Mary Jones; Sandy Gillaspy; Carolyn Medford; Laura Pannier

4 --        Emily Bruns; Cindy Byrd; Mary Cyphers; Angie Degenhart

5 --        Sarah Hoschouer; Suzanne Finke; Donna Wiseman; Peg Wynkoop

6 --        Sharon Gultice; Sue Ballweg; Carolyn Larson; Jackie Stickel

7 --        Annette Oakes; Sarah Cunningham; Peggy Heitz; Barb Price

8 --        Kathy Ingersoll; Ruth Galyon; Sharon Gasaway; Pat King

9 --        Alice Burton; Renee Brewster; Marcia Brown; Shirley Chase

10A --   Marty Dale; Marla Flinn; Jacque Howell; Diana L Schwab

10B --   Linda Zimmer; Sue Blust; Beverly Logan; Deborah Luongo

11 --      Connie Moore; Bernice Branstiter; Barb Polsley; Ina Wagner

12 --      Melissa Pour; Cathy Bice; Carla Monnier; Carol Preston

13 --      Beverly Smith; Marva Cosby; Regina Harrington; Gloria Jackson

14 --      Evie Freimuth; Sue Kessler; Mary Anne Parker; Paula Macilwaine

15 --      Marie Weber; Judy Brandabur; Patty Dudley; Marcia Sellers

16 --      Barb Barker; Connie Haacke; Frances Riner; Peggy Schamel

17 --      Rosemary Morgan; Ann Halder; Sue Harner; Shirley Rundell

18 --      Amy Ingram; Cynthia Pratt; Carol Smith; Marsha Copher

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