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2006 DDWGA Partners 
hosted by Dayton CC
Monday, August 7, 2006

Welcome to the 2006 DDWGA Partners Event

The schedule for the Day’s Activities:


7:45 am:       Registration for the AM Shotgun, Range Opens and Continental Breakfast for the morning group

9:00 am:       Morning Shotgun

12:30 pm:     Registration for the PM Shotgun, Range Opens and Lunch for both groups with COD bar

2:00 pm:      Afternoon Shotgun

After Play for the afternoon group: Hors d’oeuvres and COD Bar


Cash will be accepted at the Halfway House located behind holes #2 and #11 for drinks and snacks.

Directions to Dayton Country Club

Dayton Country Club is located at 555 Kramer Road in Oakwood, OH.  Kramer Road is situated between Far Hills Ave. (Route 48) to the east and Patterson Blvd. to the west off of Schantz Ave. and directly across from NCR’s Sugar Camp.  Driving south on Kramer the club is on your right just before the road curves to the east.  From the north on I-75 exit onto Stewart St.  Drive east and cross the river, turn south onto Patterson Blvd.  Left onto Schantz across from Calvary Cemetary and then right onto Kramer.  From the south on I-75 exit at Edwin C. Moses Blvd.  Turn right and follow the river to Stewart St. and take the same route as above.

Golf Shop Phone #: (937) 294-3352

9:00 am Shotgun Start

Tee: 1 -- Daryl Nels; Diana L Schwab; Cindy Thompson; Cheryl Singleton

Tee: 2 -- Eunhee Felts; Kelly Friday; Dianne LeGros; Carol Stout

Tee: 3 -- Gail Brandewie; Sandy Finkes; Marie Weber; Judy Brandabur

Tee: 4A -- Sara Mahoney; Gail Aiken; Judy Bemus; Jackie Rose

Tee: 4B -- Kathie King; Ellen Nelson; Kathy Weis; Terry Meintel

Tee: 5 -- Hoa Dupree; Trina Sexton; Diana Davis; Jane Petrack

Tee: 6 -- Amy Ingram; Cynthia Pratt; Holly Pendleton; Nancy Santoro

Tee: 7A -- Brenda Tolle; Jeanine Pummill; Barbara Lowden; Marilyn Hart

Tee: 7B -- Kay Lowe; Cindy Wood; Dana Cluxton; Joan Fussnecker

Tee: 8 -- Tina Roland; Gerry Miller; Mary Manifold; Joanne Dormire

Tee: 9A -- Joy Haines; Pat Whitt; Connie Haacke; Peggy Schamel

Tee: 9B -- Sheila Fox; Ann Jones; Angie Degenhart; Carol Degenhart

Tee: 10 -- Judy Rice; Angie Rice; Mary Hardin; Sandi Fondersmith

Tee: 11 -- Norma Dycus; Ethel Washington; Mary Jo Wiley; Marva Cosby

Tee: 12A -- Beverly Grove; Jerry Post; Margene Howell; Lynn Madler

Tee: 12B -- Mary Anne Parker; Evie Freimuth; Paula Macilwaine; Patty Schimpf

Tee: 13A -- Lois Schiml; Jenny Catron; Beatrice Billard; Shirley Chase

Tee: 13B -- Betsy Harris; Dianne Schneider; Connie Weatherford; Iris Berry

Tee: 14 -- Kathy Wisecup; Carolyn Vallieu; Carolyn Davenport; Phyllis Brumbaugh

Tee: 15A -- Lynda Walker; Nieleen Faessler; Judy Hamer; Cindy Weber

Tee: 15B -- Carol Bender; Chick Chasteen; Joan Ptachik; Carol Smith

Tee: 16 -- Lucia Shockley; Margaret Rukavina; Sandy Simpson; Dede Fahrney

Tee: 17 -- Janet Klotzback; Pat Bidwell; Betty Olfky; Bettie Scaggs

Tee: 18 -- Connie Moore; Barb Polsley; Judy Mayer; Bette Fleck


2:00 pm Shotgun Start

Tee: 1 -- Betsy Reynolds; Kathy Ingersoll; Sarah Hoschouer; Laura Pannier

Tee: 2 -- Jackie Nimer; Sarah Bires; Peg Wynkoop; Penny Bitzer

Tee: 3 -- Cindy Burton; Cathy Jefferson; Susan Seitz; Tee Pazitney

Tee: 4 -- Marty Dale; Marla Flinn; Kay Griffel; Florris Fortune

Tee: 5 -- Emily Bruns; Cindy Byrd; Donna Wiseman; Katie Ellis

Tee: 6 -- Jill Holzapfel; Bonnie Perry; Marianna Wright; Charlotte Hook

Tee: 7 -- Sharon Gultice; Jackie Stickel; Mary Jones; Pinny Miller

Tee: 8 -- Lori Lenos; Sherry Breece; Robin Dunkle; Martha Lampe

Tee: 9 -- Cathy Bice; Melissa Pour; Deb Nelson; Teresa Geary

Tee: 10 -- Annette Oakes; Barb Price; Carol Carlson; Charlotte Pernik

Tee: 11 -- Marcia Brown; Karen Spears; Linda Zimmer; Deborah Luongo

Tee: 12 -- Rosemary Morgan; Sue Harner; Inez Nunley; Betty Long

Tee: 13 -- Becky Krakowski; Karen Watson; Tracy Haines; Mary Beth Roberts

Tee: 14 -- Joni Stemley; Joan Schnable; Betty Lang; Ann Mouat

Tee: 15 -- Betty Burnett; Beverly Fletcher; Diana Alexander; Joyce Brown

Tee: 16 -- Peggy Price; Judy Webb; Diana Steinecker; Barbara Speyer

Tee: 17 -- Sarah Cunningham; Peggy Heitz; Jenny See; Chuzz Armpriester

Tee: 18 -- Alice Burton; Renee Brewster


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