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DDWGA Gets Girls Golfing

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Each year, the DDWGA hosts a clinic with one goal in mind: To get girls golfing.

It's a pretty simple idea that can have a lasting impact on the young women who attend.

Girls who come to the event, which is held at Rollandia Golf Center, get the opportunity to work on several aspects of their game, no matter their experience level.

Following an introduction that included a review of golf course safety procedures, clinic attendees were broken into groups so that they could travel to various stations and work with different instructors.

This was important for the girls because each young lady got to spend some quality time with great teachers, many of whom coach at the collegiate level.

Coaches included Therese Hession and her assistant, Amy Miller of The Ohio State University, Sally Kosters of the University of Dayton and Jana Shippley of Ohio Wesleyan University.

Other instructors included the DDWGA's Diana Schwab, Becky Parr, who coaches at Fairmont High School, and Allie Pulos, a golfer at Otterbein College.

"This is such a great opportunity for girls interested in golf," the DDWGA's Nick Dudukovich said. "There are so many coaches here that bring knowledge and experience to the table. Girls can't leave here without picking up some tip that can help their golf game."

As the golfers worked their way from station to station, they were able to work on putting, driving, chipping, play the par 3 course, and attend a rules presentation.

Girls in attendance also got to see what type of player they could be if they continue to pursue the game.

While providing instruction on iron shots,  DDWGA intern Micaela Cronin needed to show one of her pupils the proper way to swing a club.

Cronin, who will be attending Cleveland State University on a golf scholarship this fall and has participated in DDWGA events since she was 13, hit a majestic shot that was straight as an arrow. The kids noticed.

"What's your secret?" the kids yelled.

"There is no secret," Cronin said, implying that practice, discipline, and work ethic was the key to success. She then went on to hit another ball that was even more accurate than the first.

Some of the girls exclaimed "Wow," others just looked on, appreciating how nice the shot looked.

For the girls who continue to play, the DDWGA will be there to support their ambitions.

The DDWGA provided the young golfers with clubs, clothes, shoes, bags, club covers, and anything else that can help make life on the golf course easier for the girls. All of the items are donated by friends and members of the DDWGA.



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