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Boundaries Revisited at Mentors 



Yesterday the sun was out and shining for the kids at Mentors Matters.  Ted gave a quick demonstration on chipping and pitching and then let the kids go at it.  Nets were set up about 10-15 yards in front of the kids and were used as their targets.  The competition was fierce as groups competed to see who could make the most balls in the nets before lunch.  A team lead by the Hector brothers emerged victorious with a total count of ten.

            After lunch, Bill LeBoeuf talked to the kids about boundaries.  Bill shared a few personal stories in which he was forced to make hard decisions affecting his family to help the teens understand that we all face tough decisions that force us to adhere to boundaries and invoke discipline.  While referring to this pertinent information as, “big boy stuff,” the kids seemed to understand Bill’s message.  He was effective by using golf analogies to relate to topics such as relationships, babies out of wedlock, and general respect to others. 


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