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Pin Winner Honoree: Alice Burton

When describing this year's Pin Winner/Club Challenge honoree, words like integrity, competence, experience, composure and tenacity all describe the qualities in the many facets of Alice Burton's public persona. For 30 years Alice has been instrumental in building organizations and affording many opportunities for all golfers. Her decades of experience have helped several generations do what they love to do--play golf.

In 1977 when the Dayton Women's Golf Association folded, Alice Burton ran the city amateur tournament almost single-handily for 12 years. She provided everything, from tournament pairings to snacks--all while making every contestant feel special.

During those years she was amateur golf in Dayton. Then in 1992 when the DDWGA was formed she was there with her vast experience to help organize and run our events. Alice collaborated with Jim Awsumb and Judy Farr to establish the Jinx Fensel Memorial Tournament. It was the DDWGA's first event and our district's version of a Low Net Championship. Through the years she continued to serve on the DDWGA's Board as Publicity chair and an unofficial historian of golf in the Miami Valley.

Alice has helped guide the course of golf in the city of Dayton for many years. She has served as Community Golf Course representative to the City of Dayton Golf Commission for 15 years. Her assistance to the golfers of the city has earned her great respect among those who served with her, resulting in her induction into the Dayton Amateur Golf Hall of Fame. She has been a steady and guiding influence as an officer of the Community Women's Golf Association and still continues to make that organization the best it can be.

Alice's vast experience has also benefited the Senior Women's Golf Association, leaving her mark as their Vice President and President. All of these organizations look to her for guidance and advice.

We are all so grateful for the inexhaustible time and work she has given to us in the past years. We sincerely hope that Alice will continue to be a dynamic part of the women's golf in the Miami Valley for many years to come.

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