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Jinx Walther Fensel – DDWGA 2012 Fall Classic Honoree 

Jinx Walther Fensel was never a championship golfer.  She never won the City, never won her club championship, or even competed in events such as these.  Jinx was not into the administrative part of golf, and she never “ran things”.  It was not her golfing skills or her ability to perform the duties of tournaments.  She was not a bad golfer, but as they do in some, the competitive fires did not burn in her.

However, what Jinx lacked in competitiveness she made up in uniqueness.   Long before the days of plush, carpeted fairways, she enjoyed playing golf barefooted.  Although a lover of the sun in her early years, she wore hats, trimmed and matching her outfit, and sometimes a dress, long sleeved and elegant.  Jinx and her longtime golfing foursome stayed together for several years, often traveling over an hour, just to play every course in the area.  Although she could have played anywhere, and did eventually play at Sugar Valley and NCR, Community was always first with her and she had many friends there throughout the years.

Jinx lived an extremely vibrant life.  As some may not know, she performed as a Rockette, and was also an avid ice skater.  Even after she had given up the sport, she traveled all over the country and the world to attend ice skating events – the Nationals, the Worlds, wherever they were, she went.  She was known for her big heart and generosity.

She was one of 13 children in the Walther family-a very prominent family in Dayton.  She lives on through her sister, M.J. Donnelly, who gives a generous contribution to the DDWGA scholarship fund and provides the crystal gift for the low net winner this event for which Jinx was named.  Some of her brothers are still living, and her nephew, Chad, is the golf professional at Community.

Jinx is remembered by her friends as colorful: in her dress, in her language, and in her life.  Jinx served as an inspiration to us all, making her the ideal DDWGA 2012 Pin Winner Honoree. 

Reflections from one of her many Friends 
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