- Using the USGA Method for Most Improved

Winwood-Stephan-4x3Stephen Winwood, is the most improved player for the 2021 Season.  Starting the season with a 13.1 index on March 15th, Stephen played 65 rounds over his Home Course of Springfield Country Club and ended the season with a Handicap Index of 3.9.  His low round of 68 coming in early October.  His improvement factor of 1.662. 

The way the most improved factor is calculated is by adding 12 to the player’s Handicap Index on March 15 (can be done with any start date) This value is A, then add 12 to the player’s Handicap Index at the end date. This value is B.

You determine the improvement factor by dividing value A by value B, calculating to three decimal places. This is the improvement factor. The player with the highest improvement factor is the most improved player.

Congratulations Stephen!

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