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GG_Article_2022-03-19_copy- Is your club looking for a way to enhance your tournament schedule throughout the season while growing the number of entries for each of your clubs’ events? If so, look no further than the excitement that the PGA Tour creates each year with their Fed Ex Cup Championship. This season long points competition has taken the weekly PGA events to another level as players setout to gather as many points as possible leading up to the final event of the year.

Utilizing the Golf Genius Season Points software, you too can duplicate this format creating additional excitement for each of your events. By creating different divisions like, Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, and Junior Player of the Year, you can determine how points are awarded to each of the players based upon their finish. Events can be broken down into four different point allocation tables.

  • Majors
  • Mid’s
  • Tour
  • Match

The Majors table awards a larger number of points based upon the events significance. The allocation table for “match” is used for all your bracketed events, where points are determined based upon how far a player advances in the bracket. Mid’s is a good structure for team based events, while Tour is for your Member Guest. Once these allocation tables are setup, they can be used for multiple events throughout the season.

There are several ways that season points can be awarded:

  • Awarding Season Points via Tournament
  • Quick Award Season Points to Individual Players
  • Annually Award Season Points to Multiple Players
  • Awarding Season Points via Spreadsheet

More importantly both events points, and the season long totals can be displayed on your event portal and club’s website pages for all to view.

For more information on this topic, you can click the orange help button in your customer center and search for Season Points.

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