League Management Through Golf Genius
- Provided By Miami Valley Golf 

- Golf Genius offers many innovative features and powerful tools to help you manage your league. Its a time management tool that allows for league administrators to effectively manage their time and provide greater engagement with your league players. 


League_Management_ImageThe online suite provides a full library of formats: Single Round, Multi Round, Bracket, Ryder Cup, Round Robin and more. Weekly and Season Long Competitions like Points, Ringers, Birdies, Player of the Year, are easily trackable with season long point results for individuals and teams.


It all starts with League Registration. This highly customizable website allows for the event manager to collect weekly and/or annual fees. Fees can flow directly into your league account with many ways to process and distribute. 


With Golf Genius being fully Integrated with GHIN, league administrators can quickly build their annual or weekly roster by searching the national database or by GHIN number. This allows for Handicap Indexes to update before each league event and once play is completed post back to GHIN.


Weekly tee times can be predetermined or if you wish, players can select their own tee time from the event webpage. Scores can then be posted using the mobile app or by traditional means.  You can also custom print materials as needed.


Once implemented, Golf Genius will save the league manager time, create transparency, and create new energy in your league. 


The small annual fee through Miami Valley Golf can be included in your members registration and can be adjusted to include discounted GHIN fees for those not already in the GHIN network. 


None of this works without personalized support which is through Miami Valley Golf.  Golf Genius also allows for typed questions through its support portal.  If interested, please contact Matt Dulli at

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