John Macklin

US_Open_qualfier_781-X2- John is a brand-new Miami Valley Golf volunteer, but it only took him one shift to prove that he deserves to be in our volunteer spotlight. John was the last person to contact us about volunteering for the US Open Final at Springfield Country Club on June 6th. We had a spotter position become available just the evening before, and even though that wasn’t his first choice, he was happy to help. Little did any of us know, he would end up being one of our heroes of the day.

A little after 2:30pm, one of our morning volunteers and afternoon spectators, suffered a medical emergency while watching a group on #17. John was only a few feet away and witnessed the volunteer collapse. He wasted no time starting CPR and directed others to call 911 and to retrieve an AED machine. He, along with others on the course, took turns administering CPR. Once the AED machine arrived, they were able to successfully revive the fallen individual. 

We know that there were several others who also played a key role in the efforts to save the life of our volunteer and we also want to recognize their heroism and are happy to report that our volunteer is okay and recovering at home thanks to Johns and others quick actions.

It turns out that John is no stranger to dealing with this type of emergency as he is a retired City of Dayton Fire Fighter. In fact, John himself suffered his own medical emergencies in 2017 and 2018 which led him to have open heart surgery in 2019. John who is 52, decided he needed to make his health a priority and works out at the gym with his wife Erianna, every day.

John is new to the game of golf and started taking lessons in 2019. His goal is to enter a tournament next year and to continue volunteering at golf events. Aside from learning golf and going to the gym, he loves to travel, fish and hike. We believe that it was no accident that John was there at that very moment on June 6th, and we are happy to welcome him to our Miami Valley Golf team.

Thank you for going above and beyond!   

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