It's Not all that Simple
Old_Golf_CLubs- In our office we are contacted almost every week about people wanting to donate golf clubs.  Most clubs are older and may have an important legacy to the person wanting to donate the clubs.   We generally decide to accept the clubs and do the best we can to extend their life of usefulness.  But there is a mindset that most people have that we can simply cut them down and give them to Juniors to use.  Unfortunately, for very good reasons, nothing can be further from the truth, as we want our next generation to fall in love with the game, not out.  It’s really a matter of physics, cut down clubs will always be too heavy and too stiff for our little linksters.  So, we do our best to turn the donated clubs over to the 75% of new golfers who are adults and don’t want to make a large investment up front.   We then purchase youth equipment for our junior programs, from companies aligned for that purpose. 

Your Miami Valley Golf has identified this situation as an area for enhanced service, and have developed a roadmap to institute a “Golf Clubs for All” program in the coming years.  In the meantime, if they are not in good condition and from the past decade, we can’t use them.  If they are from someone special, you may want to find a spot for them around your home or if that’s too much, keep a special club as a memento of the loved one who has passed. 

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