Hole Location Sheets 

GG_Article_2022-03-12_copyOften used in competitive rounds as a great way to enhance the event. Traditionally these printed sheets have used circles and lines to indicate the locations of the holes on each green, giving the players more information than a range finder would. But as technology has advanced over the years the sheets have remained unchanged, until now.

Golf Genius has now partnered with StrakaLine, the provider of course yardage books for the PGA Tour, bringing your hole location sheet to the next level. Gone are the days of circles and lines, as StrakaLine provides a detailed GPS layout of the green and surrounding bunkers, providing you with a more exact view of the landing area.

StrackaLine Sheets provide the following information:

  • Hole Number
  • Distance the hole is from the center of the green (+/-)
  • Green Depth
  • Distance the hole is from the front of the green
  • Distance the hole is from the left or right edge of the green
  • Greenside Bunkers (PDF Print Only)
  • Front center point of the green (PDF Print Only)
  • Fringe Details (PDF Print Only)

These sheets can be quickly prepared using two different options. You can either manually enter the hole details by typing in the yardages from the front and side of the green or use the Point and Click option that allows you to point to the proper location on the green with your cursor and click. As you change the location of this point, the distance from the front and side of the green will adjust accordingly.

When printing these sheets, you will have two options to select from.

  1. Quick Print – Providing a less detailed look of the green as the fringe cut and bunkers details are omitted.
  2. PDF Print – Providing a higher level of details with a green line, fringe line, and greenside bunker details. This document can also be saved for quick access later.

StrackaLine’s yardage books for many of our local courses can be found by visiting

When purchasing books through this link you will receive a 20% discount as a member of the MVGA

If you are interested in more information on this process, please contact Dave Miller at the Golf Association.


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