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david fox - volunteer of the year

David_Fox_-_3x2_-Volunteer_of_the_YearFor going on a decade, David Fox, has volunteered for our game in many ways, as a Tournament Volunteer, Course Rater and perhaps the least visible, but most important, in his duties as a Coach with the First Tee.  If it’s a weekday and an occasional weekend he almost certainly can be found in a volunteer role supporting our game and our next generation of golfer. 

Thank You for your Service!

Rules of Golf Winter Education Seminars from the USGA

Registration for 2022 Rules of Golf Workshops will open, this week, at 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

While registrants have numerous virtual and in-person options to choose from, please note in-person workshops seats are limited due to fewer in-person offerings and COVID-19 restrictions.

If you wish to attend an in-person workshop, please plan to register as early as possible.

For more information on Rules workshop offerings and exams

Tuition assistance if available for any level of education for those volunteering within our Miami Valley Golf Community.  To apply for full or partial reimbursement please email

now is the time for course projects

_12_Community_Hills_CourseAs most everyone knows, the COVID bump to our game has many of us comparing the 2020 & 21 increase to the last surge beginning in the 80's and running to the early 2000's. 

Golf has always had peaks and valley's and in our area we can point to four era's...The Late 1800's, the 1920's, the late 50's into the early 60's and then the mid 80's ending in the early 2000's.  Each surge led to more golf properties/courses in our area. 

As the golf industry is in a current surge providing more resources, we are seeing a few facilities reopen, such as (Moss Creek, now Greywolf Golf Club and Sebastian Hills, now Jasper Hills) and while these reopening’s will take major renovations, many of our golf operations are undergoing renovations of a variety of scales.

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The Visual System - Part 1
A Putting Game-Changer
15toFitGolf-with-guyThe development and use of your visual system has an impact on every aspect of your golf game.  How you can read a putt, how you align your body, how you maintain your balance, and how well you see the target and visualize your shot are all dependent on your vision or are influenced by vision.  Today’s golfer relies heavily on the use of rangefinders or GPS, unless you are playing highly competitive golf and can’t use one.  However, around the green is one place on the course where your vision can have a major impact.  We could write an entire book on all the aspects of vision and golf, but let’s focus on eye dominance today.

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Dr. Nick Curry is a chiropractor that is also certified through the highly esteemed Titleist Performance Institute as a medical, fitness, and junior golf wellness professional.  He is the owner of Integrative Health and Sports Performance in Bellbrook and serves at the Team Chiropractor to Wright State and Miami Universities.  To Visit their Website
From the Archives - JANET BEARDSLEY 

Head-ShotBorn in Dayton August 12, 1918, Janet Shock and her brother Don had a distinct advantage.  They grew up around the golf business.  Her father was the manager at Community Golf Course.  Moraine Country Club professional, Alex Campbell, taught Janet to play.  Mr. Kettering gave Mr. Campbell permission to use the property adjacent to what is now Kettering Memorial Hospital to give lessons.  Obviously, Miss Shock was one of his better pupils.   

In 1933, business teacher, Dick Sommers, asked Janet to join the first golf team at Kettering Fairmont High School.  She played all four years.  During the summer vacations, Janet’s brother, Don, had the opportunity to compete in junior tournaments while she dominated the Dayton City Amateur Championship and the Dayton District Golf Championship, winning the former from 1935 to 1937 and again in 1953 and 1954, and the latter from 1935 through 1939 when the tournament was discontinued.

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