FTSG Local Golf News for December 18
Holly Lane Wins

PlayMoreGolfWinner-HollyLaneHolly Lane wins the 2021 Play More Golf Challenge.  Holly played 10 more rounds of golf in 2021 than she did in 2020. 

All told we had 212 people register for the contest and 54 qualified for a chance to win. 

Holly will win a $500 Gift Certificate to her home facility!

If you want to get a jump for the 2022 contest register HERE.

Trivia:  There are 20 Tour Professionals playing in the PNC Championship this week, however, there is only one that has not won a Professional Major.  Who is it?  Answer deeper in the Short Grass
Why am I a 12 but My Course Handicap is a 13 

Golfer_Contemplating_HandicapAs a Tournament Director how do you respond to these types of questions, particularly 5 minutes before the shotgun start ?

Fortunately, Golf Genius has thought of this and has built the Handicap Analysis page to answer these sorts of questions. This tool can be found under the Rounds Menu for your event and is a great resource to look and see how Playing Handicaps are computed.

As we know, understanding handicaps can sometimes be overwhelming and this Handicap Analysis tool will help everyone better understand how they are computed, even in the most complex cases.

When using the Handicap Analysis tool, you can select what tournament playing handicaps to look at specifically. For instance, you may have an individual stroke play tournament played at 95% of the playing handicap and a skins game played at 50%. Obviously, the playing handicaps will be different for both events.

To see how a specific player's playing handicap was computed, just click on the players name and you can view how their handicap was computed in detail.

If you would also like to make this tool available to your players, you can add the Handicap Analysis Portal Page (Example) to any of your event portals.  If you are interested in more information contact Dave Miller at Miami Valley Golf

Golf-Genius-Software-1024x444Miami Valley Golf provides Golf Genius to our golf community to further support our game in the Miami Valley.  For more information on Golf Genius or using Golf Genius for your league or charitable event please email
Pelvic Tilt Test


The Pelvic Tilt Test is a great test for overall mobility of the hips and the lumbar spine and a player's ability to control the position of the pelvic posture. The ability to move and control the position of the pelvis is critical for optimal power transfer from the lower body to the upper body during the golf swing.

Begin by setting up into a normal five-iron set-up posture with your arms across your chest (hands resting on shoulders). Once the starting position has been established, tilt the pelvis anteriorly or forward, increasing the arch in the lumbar spine. Once this move is accomplished, tilt the pelvis posterior or backward, removing the arch from the lower back. Proper execution of this test will yield a forward and backward tilting of the pelvis with minimal leg/knee movement and limited upper body forward and backward movement.

For the Complete Article

Hard Cap and Soft Cap of a Handicap Explained

To Watch a Video Explanation
Internships Available for 2022 

Lady_Interns_4x3Your Miami Valley Golf Association each golf season offers golf administration internships.  These paid internships can run from three to twelve months depending upon a candidate's availability, with flexible schedules based on the interns needs.  

In order to be considered for an internship position, prospective applicants must be enrolled at a college or university, be a graduate student, a recent college graduate or someone just interested in Golf Association Management.  A background or major in golf management, journalism, communications, or photo journalism would be an asset but is not necessary for these positions.  A strong interest and knowledge of the game of golf is also a plus.

Intern_Photo_2The responsibilities of the intern positions entail championship administration, database management, website maintenance, junior golf and membership activities.  In addition, the selected interns will also assist the staff with general administration. 

Applications will be accepted until February 1.

Proceed to Application  

Rules of Golf Question: Can I measure the relief area for my drop with a headcover on? Answer Below
Rules of Golf Winter Education Seminars from the USGA

Registration for the 2022 Rules of Golf Workshops are now open.

Registrants have numerous virtual and in-person options to choose from, please note in-person workshops seats are limited due to fewer in-person offerings and COVID-19 restrictions.

If you wish to attend an in-person workshop, please plan to register as early as possible.

For more information on Rules workshop offerings and exams

Tuition assistance is available for any level of education for those volunteering within our Miami Valley Golf Community.  To apply for full or partial reimbursement please email

From the Archives - Random Golf Footnotes

from John Fischer, noted Golf Historian

Blackheath_GolferMy future wife once asked why I had a picture on the wall of George Washington playing golf. She would go to become an excellent golfer playing in local and state competitions, but then new to the game she had never seen a print of the Blackheath Golfer, one of golf’s most famous and recognizable. While there are some earlier golf related paintings, the Blackheath Golfer was the first print with a golf theme and has been widely reproduced.

To read the entire article

Thanks to John Fischer for letting us share



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TRIVIA:  There are 20 Tour Professionals playing in the PNC Championship this week, however, there is only one that has not won a Professional Major.   Answer: Matt Kuchar 

 RULES OF GOLF QUESTION: Can I measure the relief area for my drop with a headcover on?

Answer - Yes. Your relief area is measured by the longest club in your bag that is not your putter. Your headcover does not count toward this distance. As long as you get the distance right, keeping your headcover on is okay (see Definition of Club-Length and Interpretation Club-Length/1).

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