FTSG for the Weekend before Thanksgiving
A reason to Give Thanks !
What A Season! 

Data_Fro_Score_PostingWhen we look back on this season,  I for one, believe, we should all be tremendously grateful to be connected to a sport that by its very nature requires social distancing and, in most cases, the great outdoors.  Sure, we had a little disruption in our schedules as our state came to terms with how golf should proceed.  That disruption led to delayed or cancelled events at our clubs or courses.  But ultimately most of us had a greater opportunity to play more rounds which is supported by our GHIN Posting Data

When I look back at the timeline of events, which seems like years ago now, we only lost one day to golf from a State Mandated level (Saturday, March 28th).  Now each of our health districts and municipalities, had something to say about that.  Many of them where very cautious in reopening or in the City of Dayton's case used the pandemic as an opportunity to permanently close Madden and Kittyhawk. 

But who is at fault here? As everyone was, and is, trying to do the most prudent thing to protect the lives of others and use their resources to minimize life lost .  Having communicated with many of these Health Department Workers, almost to a person, I found them to be very polite, resourceful and in many ways accommodating.  These folks along with all our Health Care workers can never be thanked enough for what they have, and are still going through, and as recent numbers indicate, there will still be many dark days in front of us.  

Flagstick_with_Covid_DeviceSure, some of the mandates for our golf operations, just did not make sense from a scientific standpoint. However, many of these mandates have also given our industry a chance to rethink their operations and in many ways pivot to these new ways of operating.  

Was our golf all that adversely effected by not having Ball Washers, Bunker Rakes and leaving the Flagsticks In? 

The lessons, I’m taking from this “Pandemic” is we should all take ourselves a little less seriously and enjoy chasing a little ball, with a club, in the great outdoors, with friends and family in a socially responsible manner.  I for one, do not think it ruins a good walk and what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving Season! 


Steve Jurick, PGA
MVGA Executive Director

AND the Winner Is...Our Youth on Course Program 
Thanks to Moraine CC and NCR CC for donating rounds of Golf to the Youth on Course Auction.  Last weeks winning bidder amount will be applied to our Youth on Course Program which provides affordable golf to Juniors.  (Green Fees are $5 or Less)  Look for more rounds to be auctioned off shortly!


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Hip Mobility and the Golf Swing
Dr. Nick Curry is a chiropractor that is also certified through the highly esteemed Titleist Performance Institute as a medical, fitness, and junior golf wellness professional.  He is the owner of Integrative Health and Sports Performance in Bellbrook and serves at the Team Chiropractor to Wright State and Miami Universities.  To Visit their Website
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Sam_ByrdWe can all remember our high school days when some athletes lettered in more than one sport or in college where a few lettered in more than one sport. Pete Elliott of Michigan comes to mind, winning 12 varsity letters in three sports, football, basketball and golf. But you don’t see many individuals with the skill and ability to play more than one professional sport at the top level.

Georgia native, Sam Byrd, played for the New York Yankees in the World Series and became a professional golfer winning a host of tournaments and also played in the Masters multiple times.  

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If you’re interested in golf history, consider joining the Golf Heritage Society (, if you’re not a member already.
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