Do the Opposite to Increase Speed 

Exercise- One of the most common mistakes I see golfers make with their fitness programs is trying to be too “golf specific” and replicate the golf swing with their exercises.  Most of the exercises to increase power and speed have nothing to do with a swinging motion.  In fact, when we do include rotary/swinging movements we actually train in the opposite direction more frequently.

This is a theory that was given the name “The Big Break Theory” by TPI Advisory Board member, Dr. Tom House. We have noticed that there seems to be a strong correlation between the longest hitters in the world and a history of speed training in the opposite direction. In other words, if they are a right-handed golfer, they would train for speed left-handed.

Our theory is that you will only accelerate to the point of which your body knows you can safely decelerate. We have speed limits on the roads because we need to be able to decelerate and stop safely depending on our surroundings.  Same goes for your body, if your body knows it can’t slow down efficiently enough, it will hold back your ability to be faster.  Therefore, the stronger and faster your decelerators are, the faster you can develop your accelerators. For example, some of the fastest runners in the history of the NFL are cornerbacks. They spend half their time running backwards. Coincidence, maybe? Some of the most successful long drive hitters are left-handed but swing right handed.  There is also the argument that training the opposite side of the body helps maintain symmetry and mobility which is beneficial regardless of what direction you are swinging.

We also utilize the SuperSpeed Golf Clubs with our speed program.  Part of their protocols incorporate opposite side swings.  They have also done research where all the golfers did were their opposite side swings for 6 weeks and they still saw an increase in clubhead speed.

Because of this observation, we incorporate opposite side training with all of our players. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate opposite side training are:

     Opposite Side Pitching

     Opposite Side Batting

     Opposite Side Golf Swings

     Backward Sprinting

     Opposite Side Rotation Box Jumps

Dr. Nick Curry is a chiropractor that is also certified through the highly esteemed Titleist Performance Institute as a medical, fitness, and junior golf wellness professional.  He is the owner of Integrative Health and Sports Performance in Bellbrook and serves at the Team Chiropractor to Wright State and Miami Universities.  To Visit their Website or call 937-848-8500
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