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Congratulations to Evan Houdieshell for winning the 2018 MVGA Metropolitan Contest.  His seven selections of Pete Betzold, Zach Crawford, Bryce Haney, Mitchell Lehigh, Nick Paxson, Cam Wardley and Alysaa Burritt had a total finish position of 44, winning the contest by just 5 finish positions over Jon Suukup and 23 over Ryan Flick.

In reviewing the results, it appears that Evan would have had perfect selections if he had chosen Sam Williams who finished in 22nd position to his selection of Cam Wardley who finished 24th.

Thanks again to everyone who made selections in the contest, those who played, those who volunteered and Sugar Valley GC for hosting.

Final Contest Results in a PDF Format

Final Results from the Metropolitan Championship

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We look forward to seeing you next year at Dayton Country Club for the 100th Anniversary of the 1st "Metropolitan" 

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