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- For many golf clubs hosting charitable golf events is both a way of adding revenue to the facilities bottom line and giving back to the community that supports them. Regardless of the size of the field, these outings require considerable time from the golf staff in preparation for the event.

We all know that when working with the event organizer several changes to the player roster is likely to occur prior to hosting the event. Utilizing a roster spreadsheet is often the most effective way to overcome the changes that will take place with contestants prior to the event. Using either a XLS, XLSX, or a CSV format will allow for the staff to upload all the needed information in a quick and effective way.

You can customize this file to include all the pertinent information needed for each of the players registered to play. Name, team, starting hole assignments, gender and handicaps are needed for most events. You can also make communicating with the players easier by including both their email address and cellular numbers for texting. Are you in need of shirt or shoe sizes for any tee gifts? This information can be included as well. 

This file will allow for an easy transition of information from the event organizer to the facility staff. Best of all, after you have built the event in Golf Genius, it takes less than 5 minutes to upload this information saving you valuable time

If you are interested in more information on this process, please contact Dave Miller at the Golf Association.


Miami Valley Golf provides Golf Genius to our golf community to further support our game in the Miami Valley.  For more information on Golf Genius or using Golf Genius for your league or charitable event please email
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