- Much Happening in our Area! 

_12_Community_Hills_CourseAs most everyone knows, the COVID bump to our game has many of us comparing the 2020 & 21 increase to the last surge beginning in the 80's and running to the early 2000's. 

Golf has always had peaks and valley's and in our area we can point to four era's...The Late 1800's, the 1920's, the late 50's into the early 60's and then the mid 80's ending in the early 2000's.  Each surge led to more golf properties/courses in our area. 

As the golf industry is in a current surge providing more resources, we are seeing a few facilities reopen, such as (Moss Creek, now Greywolf Golf Club and Sebastian Hills, now Jasper Hills) and while these reopening’s will take major renovations, many of our golf operations are undergoing renovations of a variety of scales.

While there are many projects that our dedicated Turf Staff’s perform, tree pruning, green collar replacement, teeing ground adjustments, etc.  Some projects require outside contractors, particularly when large scale projects are considered.

To that point, this editor is aware of two larger scale projects that are occurring this fall, and thanks to the great fall weather they are progressing very nicely.

The first is at Sycamore Creek, where they reestablished edges, added drainage and provided lining material (Better Billy Bunker) to all their 26 greenside bunkers and filled them with Best Signature 700sand, which is a very white sand, produced by crushing silica stones.  They are now onto their twelve Fairway Bunkers and based on the weather may complete the project before the year is out. 

Water_on_GreenCommunity Golf Course is also having renovation work done which centers around the similar process that Sycamore Creek is going through.  For more information you can visit their facebook page.

As an interesting side note, the construction team, Topp Shape Constructionis based out of our area and has done work for many other of our local facilities as well as Nationally recognized courses such as Scioto and Muirfield Village.

In closing, don’t forget, as scheduled, and tidy any project is, Mother Nature will always have her say, like this past Thursday afternoon!

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