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Live_Scoring- Are you looking for ways to elevate the player experience for your events and leagues? If so, one of the most popular and easiest ways to add additional excitement is to incorporate live scoring into the fold. Imagine the atmosphere of the players and spectators as they know what’s at stake with each shot played. Regardless of your location, on the course with the final groups, or in the tavern waiting on the groups to finish, you will be kept abreast of the leaderboard.

There are a few different methods of entering scores for the players

  • Players can enter the scores on the mobile app: Using the mobile app players in each pairing group can enter their hole-by-hole scores throughout the round, which will update the live leaderboard.
  • Volunteers, coaches, and staff can enter scores on the mobile/iPad app: Using scoring stations you can have volunteers located on different holes of the golf course gathering the players scores as they pass by.
  • Entering scores on the Manager Site: This option allows your golf staff to quickly gather scores and input them using a mobile device or iPad.

Once scores are entered players and spectators can follow along with the scoring app to keeping abreast of the live leaderboard in real time. You can also display the live results on a tv in the locker room, golf shop, or bar area of the club. Image the atmosphere that can be created around the 18th green as the leaders play the final hole knowing what’s at stake.

Once each player completed play and certified their scores, the results and payouts can be quickly added to leaderboard, allowing everyone quick access to the final results. Live scoring is not just limited to stroke play and match play events. It can be used virtually for every format available including skins, bracket events, multi round tournaments, linked tournaments and more.

For more information on these scoring options, you can click the orange help button in your customer center or search for Live Scoring.


Miami Valley Golf provides Golf Genius to our golf community to further support our game in the Miami Valley.  For more information on Golf Genius or using Golf Genius for your league or charitable event please email

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