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The Metropolitan Contest
To develop additional community interest in our Metropolitan Championship.  Miami Valley Golf developed the Metropolitan Contest.  

Now in it's sixth year, t
he contest works by choosing one (1) player from each of the selection groups. (Developed after the Deadline, and those on waiting list are not included)  Divisions this year are determined by age.

At the conclusion of the Metropolitan, your selected players finish positions will be totaled.  If your selections collectively finish the lowest you will win six (6) dozen personalized Pro-V1's (or any ball of your choosing).  

Contestants who DQ, Withdraw, No Card or No Show will be assigned the next finish number after the 36 hole highest score is recorded.


Best of Luck to all those who make selections and all those playing in our area's 94th Amateur Championship
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Email for Confirmation of Selections *
Enter a Winning Score (Tie Breaker) (Par 280) *
Groups are determined by age this year (Youngest to Oldest)
Age Division 1 Eric Cherubini
Jordan Gilkison
AJ Cherubini
Nathan Osborn
Nick Kreusch
Tyler Goecke
Alex Flick
Jonathan Cloyd
Brent Wesley Smith
Cameron Luczka
Connor Quigley
James Finke III
Raif Foster
Adam Velasco
Age Division 2 Austin Schoonmaker
Bryce Haney
Cooper Jones
Josh Gilkison
Kyle Glaser
Adam Armstrong
Austin Bagshaw
Connor Reed
Jacob Charles Adams
Jacob Van Leeuwen
Jake Gilkison
Mitchell Lehigh
Nick Brodbeck
Ryan Flick
Age Division 3 Andrew Ruehle
Brandon Weiss
Cam Wardley
John Burke
Mikel Merker
Mitchell Lamping
Sam Meek
Austin Sipe
Chris Rossi
Jordan Reese
Kyle Miller
Taylor Holt
Dillon Hayes
Tyler Jankovich
Age Division 4 Tyler Overberg
Jake North
Cory Caudill
Brady Marinangeli
Jim Brady
Jordan Higgins
Stephen Burr
Alex Huang
Brandon Johnson
Kevin Martz
Ross Dearth
Zach Harvey
Zach Kincade
Adam Gutheil
Age Division 5 Scott Jacobs
Chris Coleman
Derek Hrabik
Geordie Mackenzie
John Phillips
Josh Elliott
Paul Day
Paul Stone
Shane McKinniss
Bryan Buffington
P.J. Smith
Phillip Renfro
Rick Pagniano
Zack Fowler
Age Division 6 Bo Birchfield
Nick Amos
Bill Bentz
Justin McClain
Tim White
Jeff Neeley
Junichi Hayashi
Kevin Witt
Andy White
Jeff Scohy
Paul Beisner
Brian Arlinghaus
Craig Harden
Age Division 7 Pete Samborsky
Wesley Cutlip
Ryan Reichley
Thomas Sellers
Kevin Pittl
Pete Betzold
Kevin Flynn
Steve Kircher
Tal Selby
Roger Johnson
Bob Eardley
Ron Morton
Gordon Willins
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