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Ensuring Diana Schwab's Legacy
June 6, 2013
A primary life mission for Diana Schwab was to ensure that the game of golf was taught to future generations. To continue her mission, the DDWGA Trustees, on June 5th, acted to continue Diana's Legacy by developing and enacting the following programs.
First: The Get a Girl Golfing annual early summer activity, which introduces our area's junior girls to the game of golf, will now be called the "Diana Schwab Get a Girl Golfing".
Second: Donations sent to the Diana Schwab Memorial Fund will be used to fund the LPGA*USGA Junior Girls Clubmembership of any junior girl attending the "Diana Schwab Get a Girl Golfing" who would like to become a member of that Club.
Lastly: The Annual Pin Winners event, being held this year at Miami Valley Golf Club on Saturday, September 21st, will honor Diana.
Those wishing to donate to the Diana Schwab Memorial Fund may send their donation to the Miami Valley Golf Foundation (Tax ID - 31-1756691 - Tax Determination 501-c3), 263 Regency Ridge Dr., Dayton, OH 45459 and please note the Diana Schwab Fund on the check.
Those interested in volunteering at the "Diana Schwab Get a Girl Golfing" can send an email to
And finally if you would like to enroll any Junior Girl in next Friday's Event please visit Diana Schwab Get a Girl Golfing.
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