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In partnership with our friends at "the APosition"we are please to share with you the
2013 US Open Edition. We hope you enjoy the material and the 2013 US Open!


Steve Jurick
Executive Director

What To Watch For

At 6,996 yards, Merion's East Course is the shortest to host a U.S. Open since Shinnecock Hills in 2004, which played to the identical yardage. Whereas Shinnecock's defense was firm greens, which ultimately got out of control, Merion's is heavy rough.Read Story

Long-Shot Winners

John Strawn

No upset in American championship golf history can compare with 20-year-old amateur Francis Ouimet's victory at the 1913 U.S. Open at Brookline. But the occasional appearance of a...Read Story

Handicapping the Open

James Mason

Merion loves playoffs. Who can forget the comeback story of Ben Hogan winning after 18 extra holes against George Fazio and Lloyd Mangrum in 1950, 16 months after his near-fatal...Read Story

Video: Peter Kessler on Merion, Jack, and Lee

Podcast: Matt Shaffer - Superintendent at Merion


Making Money on the Open

David DeSmith

The U.S. Open has been compared to a traveling circus-and anytime you've got 20,000-plus clowns congregating...Read Story

The Man Who Made Merion

John Torsiello

Hugh Wilson was a surprising choice to design the courses at Merion 100 years ago, but his work has more than stood the test of time...Read Story

Instruction: One Good Turn

Roberto Borgatti

The essence of a good turn is a powerful coiling action that starts...Read Story

Philadelphia Welcomes Golfers

Brian McCallen

If you didn’t fall in love with Philadelphia’s gritty charm while watching “Silver Linings Playbook,” the sleeper hit...Read Story

Q & A With David Graham

Terry Moore

Thirty-two years ago, David Graham became the first Australian to win the U.S. Open, the 1981 championship held at Merion. He put together rounds of...Read Story

The City of Brotherly Suds

Tom Bedell

As U.S. Open practice rounds at Merion begin Monday....Read Story

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