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What To Watch For

The 2012 Masters will always be remembered for Bubba Watson's great escape from the trees on the second playoff hole, Augusta National's 10th (shown above). But the playoff wouldn't have ended there if Louis Oosthuizen hadn't...Read Story

Premier Aerials

Q&A With Oosthuizen

Terry Moore

How does a hooked wedge shot trump a double eagle, the game's rarest feat? Easy, if the former leads to a Masters victory as it did for Bubba Watson last April on the second ...Read Story


Amateurs at Augusta: A Rich Tradition

John Strawn

The Masters is unique in several ways: It's the only major championship always played on the same course, and is conducted not by one of golf's ruling bodies...Read Story

Handicapping the Masters

James Mason

I don't know what the weather is like in Georgia, but if winter and the beginning of spring have been anything akin to what we've experienced in England, where...Read Story

How You Can Play Augusta National Every Day

Herb Gould

I have this problem. When I take driver on 10, I have to be really careful about how I line up; otherwise, I miss the fairway right and start yelling, "Take the slope!"...Read Story

Secrets To Good Iron Play

Christopher Smith

We all know how critical it is to putt well on the wickedly challenging surfaces at Augusta National....Read Story

Ten Things You Didn't Know About the Par-3 Contest

Jeff Neuman

Alister Mackenzie first suggested a short ("approach and putt") course for Augusta National...Read Story

Reynolds Plantation: The Next Best Thing To Augusta National

Brian McCallen

Tucked away in Georgia's red-clay country 75 miles east of Atlanta is Lake Oconee, a giant...Read Story

[PODCAST] Architect Tom Doak Dissects Augusta National

Hal Phillips

Listen to Architect Tom Doak Talk About Augusta National...Read Story

When Moe Norman Played Augusta

Tim O'Connor

In January 1956, the Canadian Amateur golf champion was working at a bowling alley in Kitchener, Ontario. Moe Norman was the fastest pinsetter anyone had ever seen at The Strand....Read Story

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