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In preparing the golf course today, we determined that with all the rain this past week we will be forced to play preferred lies in closely mown area's. More details on how to proceed when playing preferred lies is linked here and also on the local rules sheet

Because we have an an odd number of teams, grouping assignments will be a bit different.  To see your clubs assigned starting holes 
click here or to see it by hole click here
Those clubs participating this year are: CC of the North, Dayton CC, NCR CC, Piqua CC, Troy CC, Sugar Valley GC, Sycamore Creek CC, Walnut Grove CC and WPAFB GC.
As the Golf Course will still be extremely wet (IE it was closed all day today) we ask that you proceed with caution when driving your cart on the course tomorrow and do not drive in any newly seeded area's (Mainly right on #10 and left on #16 and #18)  
See you tomorrow morning and play well!

Steve Jurick, PGA   
Executive Director 
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DATE: Thursday, October 12. 2017
LOCATION: Sugar Valley Golf Club
ENTRY FEE: $1000 per team ($125 Per Player) * Different Teams Pay this in different manners so please check with your captain or club as to your details.  We will have a registration table to accept payment at check in.
ENTRY INCLUDES: 27 Holes of Golf, Cart, Practice Balls, Boxed Lunch, Beverages, Hors d'oeuvres after play, and Certificates for Winning Team.
ENTRY FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Breakfast or Alcoholic Beverages 
9AM  - Practice Area's Open
9:40AM - Team Photos 
10AM - Shotgun 1 - Format - Four Ball (Better Ball)
12:30PM - Boxed Lunch 
1PM - Shotgun 2 - Format - Foursomes* (Alternate Shot)
  1. In Foursomes (Alternate Shot), one team member will tee off on the odd numbered holes, while the other team member will tee of on the even holes.  (Proceed from #9 to #1, odd / and from #18 to #10, even)
  2. In Foursome Competition, penalty strokes do not affect the order of play. 
  3. The ball teed off with, must be the ball holed out, unless substituted under an applicable rule. (Therefore, no putting balls, or substituted balls may be used)
3PM - Shotgun 3 - Individual Stroke Play (Singles) 
All formats of Play are Stroke Play and the event is played as a Gross Competition from one set of tees.
The best 3 of 4 team scores in the Better Ball and Alternate Shot, and the best 6 of the 8 Singles Score will be used. 
Each club team may have one Professional Golfer employed by or affiliated with a club's team for each format of play.
Each team may substitute a player(s) or adjust team's roster anytime before each format of play.
No Team Member Can Play the Same Nine Holes Three (3) Times.
If Teams Tie
If a Tie Exists with the defending championship club they maintain the title. 
If it is between non defending clubs and weather and light allow, a sudden victory Foursome (Alternate Shot) playoff will occur, between two (2) club chosen players of each tied team.  (Holes 1 & 18 will be used) 
If weather and light do not allow or the playoff cannot be completed before darkness the tied teams 7th score from Singles will be used to break the tie.  If a tie still exists, then the 8th score from Singles, then the 4th score from Foursomes, then the 4th score from Fourball.   If a tie still exists a coin toss will determine the championship club.   
Decisions on the Playoff Procedure shall be at the sole discretion of the Head Tournament Official and any MVGA Tournament Committee Members that are present, not involved with the playoff.  

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