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The algae bloom that recently occurred in Lake Erie that caused a 72-hour water ban in Northwest Ohio has been in the National media spotlight as of late. Nutrient runoff and leaching from the overuse of fertilizer and manure has been heavily scrutinized as being a major factor in causing the toxic algae bloom. Agricultural producers and water treatment facilities have taken the majority of the blame for this crisis. As of now, golf courses have not been brought into the conversation about being a major contributor to the algae bloom. Your local and surrounding associations, GCSAA Field Staff Representative John Miller, OPARR, and GCSAA Government Relations, have been following this issue very closely to ensure responsible corrective actions are taken. The ODA has expedited the drafting of rules stemming from the recent passage of SB150. In this draft, ag producers who apply fertilizer would have to receive an additional certification for fertilizer under their pesticide applicator license, as well as undergo 3 hours of fertilizer education within their 3 year recertification period. There are no current rules stating that golf and turf will be included at this time. As additional legislation and rules come out, we will keep you updated and informed. In the meantime, our front lines of defense will continue advocating for our industry to help ensure responsible regulation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Zachary Wike 
Legislative Committee Chairman 
Miami Valley GCSA 
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