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Charlie "Chuck" Licher
October 6, 1938 - October 18, 2015 

A "retired" golf professional with over 60 years of golf and life experience has passed. Charles “Chuck” Licher, 77, was born in Muncie, Indiana but was raised in Lima, 0hio. After graduating from St. Rose High School, he attended Bowling Green State University in 1957 and played golf for the school. During the following summer at age 19, Licher turned professional, accepting an assistant's position at the Findlay Country Club. Following two years at Findlay, Licher moved on to a two year stint at the Beechmont Country Club in Cleveland. In 1962, Licher came back to the Dayton area as the professional instructor at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base golf club where he remained until 1967 at which time he accepted the head professional position at Greene Country Club near Fairborn. During this time Licher would prove himself  to be a dominating force on the course as well as off namely through the championship of the Miami Valley chapter (later called the Dayton chapter) of the Southern Ohio Section of the Professional Golfers of America. Licher would win back-to-back titles in 1973 and 1974 after winning his first one in 1964. He was a finalist six times before getting out of the golf business. Leaving Greene in 1974 and unofficially retiring from the golf business. Licher remained out of the golf business but in touch with the local golf scene until WSU Athletic Director Don Mohr called and offered him the position as head coach at WSU vacated in June of 1974 by Dick Ward. Licher is quoted as saying, "I took the job because of its challenges," Licher said. "I wanted to test my ability to make a golf team." Licher, inheriting a team that won only seven of nineteen matches during the previous season, would build and lead a young program and team over the next five years that would produce players of both all American caliber as well as all American character and lay a solid foundation for the successful program led today by Dayton golf Hall of Famer Mr. Pete Samborsky. Once leaving WSU in 1979 and again unofficially retiring from golf for the second time and going to work at the Harold J. Becker Company in Beavercreek where he remained, Licher would go back to some of his earlier roots at Greene Country Club where he would continue to play golf and shape and mentor young minds. Longtime friends and confidants with the likes of PGA tour professionals Bob Wynn and Pete Brown, Dayton golf hall of famers Diana Schwab, Richard Heir, Mike Zimmerman, and Walter "Bud" Law only to mention a few who will be hard pressed to find a more humble individual. Bucky Albers once referenced Licher in a short list of the best pros he had seen play, "The best pros I've seen in competition include El Collins, Jack Ortman, Chuck Licher, Mike Zimmerman, Larry King, Pete Brown, Roy Carmichael, Lee Rinker, Jim Neff, Mike Glendenning, Tim Walton and Ben Stewart." Chuck Licher spent a lifetime utilizing the strongest lessons we learn through golf to teach many about life; character, honesty, hard work, and morals. Chuck exemplified the things that we learn on the course and from being around golf for all these reasons he deserves to be remembered for his influence through golf in the Dayton area on the numerous lives that now go on to influence the next generation and for generations to come. Charlie was a truly humble man from humble beginnings that always gave more than he had, and would not have us worrying about him so in celebration of his life and influence we will gather at W.O. Wrights, 3979 Col. Glenn Highway in Beavercreek, Oh. 45324 this Friday October 23rd, 2015 from 3-7 for one last toast (and probably roast) to a man that influenced so many of us in the Ohio golfing community. 
A Reflection of His Life - The Mentor
He walked with confident silence knowing how loud his actions speak
Offering guidance when asked by the strong while offering his hand in support to the weak 
As he guided so many down the fairway, he would not dwell upon the strife 
Instead offering only solutions to the sometimes concerning lies of life 
Facing every challenge with head held high and eyes locked in a focused gaze 
Silent and strong his mentorship guided many through the misty morning haze
His footsteps through the morning dew, too large to try and fill 
As many a smaller footstep followed while learning from his will
A will to be better than you were before by learning from the past
We all listened silent with intent never knowing just how long the experience would last 
His lessons on how to navigate downhill putts or the nastiest of tangled lies
To how to control the tone of a match now guide us through our lives
The lessons he taught deeper than the longest open rough 
The lessons he taught preparing us for a life that at times is tough 
This man we all looked up to the humblest I have known
Now walks the fairway in heaven without a caddie of his own 
So look for the tracks in the dew as the sun begins to rise
Confident that Charlie taught us how to deal well with life’s most troubled, tangled lies
By Ryan Reichley on Chuck's Passing
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