Miami Valley Golf

21st Miami Valley Team Invitational  
Thursday, October 2, 2014 - Walnut Grove Country Club  
Each club is responsible for making their own groupings and they may be changed after each nine.  One Professional Staff Member per Club May Participate.  Two of the groups will be assigned to the front nine and two of the groups to the backside. The assigned cart signs will read Club 1/ Club 2 – Club 3/Club 4 – Club 5/Club 6 – Club 7/Club 8. 
 8:30 - Practice Facility Opens
10:00 - Four-Ball (Better Ball) (Using the lowest 3 Team Scores) 
12:30 - Boxed Lunch 
1:00 - Foursomes (Alternate Shot) (Using the lowest 3 Team Scores) - SPECIAL NOTE:  In Foursomes (Alternate Shot), one team member will tee off on the odd numbered holes, while the other team member will tee off on the even holes.  In Foursome Competition, penalty strokes do not affect the order of play.  
3:00 - Individual Stroke Play (Singles)  (Using the lowest 6 Individual Scores)   
After Play - Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres   
The event will start with Four-Ball (Better Ball of Two), followed by Foursomes (Alternate Shot) and concluding with Individual Stroke Play.  The low team will host the James C. “Skip” Snow Cup for the following year.   
All formats will be stroke play.  Please turn in scorecards in at the Grove following the 1st  & 2nd Shotgun and the Scoreboard by the Golf Shop following the last shotgun.   
The best 3 of 4 team scores in the Better Ball and Alternate Shot, and the best 6 of the 8 Singles Score will be used.    
If a tie exist after play with the defending championship club they maintain the title. (NEW) If it is between non defending clubs and weather and light allow, a sudden victory Foursome (Alternate Shot) playoff will occur between two (2) club chosen players of each tied team.  If weather and light do not allow or the playoff cannot be completed before darkness the tied teams 7th score from Singles will be used to break the tie.  If tie still exists, then the 8th score from Singles, then the 4th score from Foursomes, then the 4th score from Fourball.  If a tie still exists a coin toss will determine the championship club.  Decisions on the Playoff Procedure shall be at the sole discretion of the Head Tournament Official and any MVGA Tournament Committee Members that are present, not involved with the playoff.  
Teams Committed to Participate   
Country Club of the North - Captain - Tony Hoyles
Dayton Country Club - Captain - Rob Karnes
Miami Valley Golf Club - Captain - Doug Wade

NCR Country Club - Captain - Roger Johnson
Piqua Country Club - Captain - Travis Mumma
Sycamore Creek Country Club - Captain - Bob Stephens
Troy Country Club - Captain - Trey Archer
Urbana Country Club - Captain - Pat Delaney
Walnut Grove Country Club - Captain - Ben Stewart
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