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 Questions from Clubs
Q: What is the goal of MVGA by having this league (fun or competition?)  
A: The concept speaks to both fun and competition 
Q: How are clubs selecting the team? 
A: Depending on the size of the club it may be simply finding 8 players that are available, which in the first year will be a harder task than hopefully in future years.  Remember there is a defined time between the clubs for these matches and not everyone will be able to make those times.  
Q:  Is there a defined gross/net division handicap split?
A: No, and that would be difficult to achieve based on club dynamics and each club can decide those dynamics for themselves
Q: Would it be possible to have an ABCD league which will allow more broad participation?
A: Anything is possible, but in 2018 the format has already been decided upon. Remember, the format for the event is a Two Person Better Ball Match Play (USGA Term FourBall) and in the Net Division the lowest player in each match will play at 0, the rest of the players in that Match will then subtract that course handicap from theirs and receive the difference for their Match.  I would think this should be a great format for all Higher Handicap Players, not just the 10's but also the 20's. 

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