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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the Entry Fees (Does not Include Practice Round fees)
$90 for Age Division 15-18 (Both Genders) - Boys South - Girls North
$80 for Age Division 13-14 (Both Genders) - All North Course
$70 for Age Division 11-12 (Both Genders) - All North Course
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When Will Groupings and Starting Times Be Posted?
At the very latest by the Friday Prior to the Tuesday Qualifier (4 Days Before) 
Do qualifiers receive any financial assistance for expenses to Junior World Championship in California?
Yes, but only the Top Boy and Top Girl Scorer in the Age 15 - 18 Division receive $1500 each.
What tees will each age division play from?
Ages 11-12 - North - Green Tees (5225 yds.)
Ages 13-14 - North - White Tees (6075 yds.)
Ages 15-17 - South - Blue Tees (6630 yds.)
Ages 11-12 - North - Green Tees (5225 yds.)
Ages 13-14 - North - Green Tees (5225 yds.)
Ages 15-17 - North - White Tees (6075 yds.)
May a Contestant Play Up an Age Category? 
Yes, it is at the discretion of the guardian/competitor.  If a competitor qualifiers in an older age category they play in that category at the IMG Junior World.  This practice is not recommended by the Ohio Junior World Committee.
when will the tee times run? (Subject to Adjustment)
Boys Ages 15-18 (South Course) 1st Tee Time at 8am (only #1 Tee Start) last tee time based on size of field.
Other Divisions (North Course) 1st Tee Starting at 9am, Order of Tee Assignment, Girls 15-18, Boys 13-14, Girls 13-14, Boys 11-12 and Girls 11-12
Are Jr. competitors allowed to have caddies?
No, caddies are not allowed on the course.
Can competitors use yardage devices? (skycaddie, rangefinders, etc.)
Yes, competitors are allowed to use all yardage measuring devices, provided they only measure yardage and nothing else.
When and Where is the Ohio IMG Junior World Qualifier?
For All Age Divisions on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at NCR Country Club. 4435 Dogwood Trail in Dayton, Ohio.
What Courses Will be Used?
The Boys Division Ages 15-18 will play the South Course
All other Divisions will play the North Course
How many divisions are there?
Six, Boys and Girls in three age divisions, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18, may qualify to compete in the IMG Academy Golf Junior World Golf Championship on July 10-14, 2017 in San Diego, California.
What is the age limit?
11-12 Division - Open to boys and girls who are not yet 13 as of July 13, 2017
13-14 Division - Open to boys and girls who are not yet 15 as of July 13, 2017 
15-18 Division (NEW IN 2017) - Open to boys and girls who are not yet 19 as of July 14, 2017
Estimated number of Qualifiers for the Callaway Golf Junior World Golf Championship?
Boys Ages 15-18: Top 4 boys with the lowest scores.
Girls Ages 15-18: Top 4 girls with a score of 84 or lower.
Boys Ages 13-14: Top 2 boys with the lowest scores.
Girls Ages 13-14: Top 2 girls with the lowest scores.
Boys Ages 11-12: Top boy with lowest score
Girls Ages 11-12: Top girl with lowest score.
How are ties broken?
For first place and final qualifying position(s) in each division, ties are broken by a sudden victory playoff.  For ties for all other positions the USGA recommended method for breaking ties will be followed.  (Holes 10-18, if still a tie holes 12-18, if still a ties holes 16-18, if not broken then the format is repeated for the front side.)
When is the deadline for entry?
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Are there maximum number of entries per age division?
Boys Ages 15-18: 120
Boys Ages 13-14: 60
Boys Ages 11-12: 24
Girls Ages 15-18: 60
Girls Ages 13-14: 30
Girls Ages 11-12: 20
May I have a practice round?

Yes. Times are generally listed after May 15, please submit the Practice Round Request form on the "Practice Rd Info" page or click here. Please do not call NCR Country Club for tee times!

What charge will there be for the practice round?
The practice round for registered competitors on the South Course will be $40 and on the North Course the fee will be $30.
May the competitors use a pull cart?
A non motorized pullcart may be used during the practice round and during the tournament round.
May a parent or guardian join me in the practice round?
Yes, one parent or guardian per tournament entry will be allowed and must be scheduled with the competitors practice round. The Standard Unaccompanied Guest Fees will apply for the parent or guardian.
What is the Standard Unaccompanied Guest Fee which will be charged if Parent/Guardian join competitor in practice round?
South Course is $100, cart fee is $16
North Course is $80, cart fee is $16
What should be done if a competitor needs to withdraw?
Please send an email to info@mvgolf.org with reason for withdrawal.
Will spectator carts be available the day of the Qualifier?
No spectator carts will be available unless documented proof of disability is presented. A $30 rental fee will be charged for any approved spectator cart.   View Guidelines
Is there a Rain Policy?
In the event play cannot be completed on Tuesday, Qualifiers and Awards will be presented based on the number of holes played per age Division.
Will the competitors receive a meal?
Yes, the juniors will receive a meal coupon for use at the Halfway House during their round.
Will the NCR Clubhouse be open?
Only the restrooms inside the clubhouse will be open.  The Halfway House will be Open.
Do qualifiers receive any financial assistance?
Yes, but only the Top Boy and Top Girl Scorer in the Age 15 - 18 Division
Did not find your answer?  Send us an email at info@mvgolf.org

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