Individual Matches 
3 points are available for each match, 1 for front nine, 1 for back nine and 1 for total. 
Total Points Available for Each Match
12 total points for each Club vs Club contest. 
If Matches End in a Tie After the Front 9, Back 9 or 18 a ½ Point will be award during regular season 
No Shows
If one of the Sides is not present for the entirety of the Match the opposite team in the match will be assigned the highest point value from the other match on that golf course.
If one entire 8 person team does not compete the winning forfeited side will receive the same number of point value as the highest scoring team in that week of matches.
The top 4 Teams from the Regular Season will qualify for the Playoffs 
In Case of a Tie for Playoff Seeding 
Broken By 
1 - Head to Head Record
2 - If still tied then Gross Head to Head 
3 - Than Net Head to Head 
In Case of a Tie at End of Playoff Round 
A sudden death Fourball, Scratch Play off is conducted at the Club that is designated the home club for that Match 
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